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Wizards is a fantastic course. This is my sixth time here; last year I came here
with one primary, I want to quit my smoking. I had been smoking for 30 years,
and I used the Ambivalent Flow rundown to process it and I quit smoking. It has been a year, and I haven't smoked one cigarette yet.

Michael Yin-USA-2007

After the 8th summer of my life, when my beloved grandmother passed away while lying beside me to take a nap, I have thought of death for a long, long time from my youth. I spend a lot of time fearing, imagining souls, going into some kind of uncertain state or wandering around an unknown world.

Whenever I felt the fear, I just vaguely thought that I should live with a good heart. However, what is to live with a good heart in this complicated world and how easily my mind gets blown up with temptations. I often run away from reality.

At the Wizards Course, I realized all those were the experiences allowing me to be here, everyone one of them was the right lesson for me no matter if they made me happy or unhappy. And I learned that I am one unique piece which is certainly needed in this world. The one piece of the puzzle of this world's picture which only I can fit I deliberately take a role in this world. I am grateful to be here and now. I thank Harry and all the beings in the world.

Young Park-USA-2008

There was a truth seeker looking for a Master. He met a guru saying, "Follow me , I'll let you awaken into the Tao", so he followed him. After ten years of cleaning and serving, the guru brought him to the cliff. "Jump from the cliff, then you will find the Tao." He jumped and before he got to the ground a big cloud and crane came down from the sky and took him to heaven and he became an immortal of Taoism. Did the guru give him the Tao or did he earn the Tao?

No matter how easy the way Harry taught us is, we cannot get it if we do not have the mind of a truth-seeker. Only when I woke up and walked the way of the Tao, I could get big and small insights. Finishing Wizards and going back home, I feel so excited to maintain neutral attention, have compassion and to love humanity, surrendering all to God. I will keep on working in the world.

Chang Hee Kim-China-2008

Til now, I have always been blaming circumstances or people around me, complaining about and critcizing them when things didn't go my way.

Now I know those were all my Projected Identities and Assumed Identities. Knowing that everything is my creation and having the attitude of taking responsibility makes anger and frustration go away quietly.

I want to tame and grow my ‘monkeys' in me well. My home, the nation of Tao, emerging into it, itself is happiness.

Dong Jin Lim-China-2008

This is just the answer and of course I get scared sometime, and of course here now I feel like 'ohhhh' I can't do it. But there is that deep deep knowing that it will be always ok. I think the big difference for me is that no one does something for you, you do it yourself. You're guided, you have love, you have whatever it takes from the others to help you but you have to do it. You have to do it.

Dasha Van Nugteren-The Czech Republic-2007