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I didn't give up on this course and the people gave me the courage to dig deeper continuously.

And because of that, on my last day at the last hour, I had my biggest breakthrough!!

I face my deepest Fear that it was "scary" to feel my feeling!!

I had constructed an impenetrable wall that no one could get through, and I couldn't see out. More to the point, I couldn't feel anything anymore. Now I can feel the best feeling in the world which is that I'm not alone. I'm Free. I'm Alive. I Love.

Laurel White-USA-2008

All beliefs and experiences exist because I chose them which I can wear or take off freely. I can create everything I want to do. I'm going to contribute to the world making people happy, like you, Harry.

Takafumi Yanagihara-Japan-2008

I took Masters last March and I've had lots of good experiences since then. After Masters I met an ideal boy friend and found a very good job that I can work during the day instead of night time which I used to do and the new job has very good conditions. I quit the job before Professional Masters, and when I came back from Pro, I found I was pregnant. Since my boyfriend was the partner I wanted to spend my life with, we got married right away and now I'm spending a wonderful time which I hadn't had before. I didn't believe I would have a child, nor a good family, and now that I have all these, I'm full of joy. Thank You so much for the wonderful course and the experience of alignment. I'm going to tell people like me about Avatar.

Yumiko Hamada-Japan-2008

I mean you finally get a vacation from yourself. There's nothing in it for the ego, and the ego is probably kicking and screaming, going "yeah, but what am I going to get out of this". You step into a bigger domain, you step into mass consciousness where you can really help other people, and discreate some of those beliefs that aren't serving us as a whole. It's fantastic.

Pamela Zieman-USA-2007

During exploration of modes, I could feel the ‘real me, and I couldn't stop crying.

I've been tired of myself changing each moment through identities and wondered which was real me. "Real me" was very silent and full of love and compassion.

I feel deep gratitude to my parents and to you, Harry, enabling me to realize this.

In Identity Rundown, I worked on people whom I feel have hurt me. Again, tears and tears.

Family, work, friends, and lovers, they gave me love but I rejected them and I've hurt myself. The feeling I've been having towards them melted and I could feel compassion and am very calm. I feel happy now. I say hello again to "real me', with Love to everyone with appreciation, Thank You.

Tomoko Doi-Japan-2008