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Today, I shake hands with you and your wife and say thank you from my heart. It felt very well because you are doing jointly with the trainers, the QM's, the assistants and all the team, such a good job, helping others to awaken. This is amazing.

For me, the experience has been very good and I am looking forward to the next experience. So far, Avatar has given so much since 2004. I was a person taking mediation for panic attacks and agorophobia and smoking joints on a daily basis. Thanks to Avatar, I get to live without drugs and medication and be happy and awake. Then after three years, very difficult fights with my family the death of my step mother (aunt), breaking up with my partner. I got into a deep depresion, bipolar disorder plus agorophoria. Then, I remember that the only thing that help me in my life, was Avatar. I then spoke with my psychologist and told her that I did not know how I would do it, but I needed to fly (which gives me panic attacks) and get out of my security areas to continue with Avatar. So I took courage and strength and flew to Germany to do the Master Course, and to Orlando, to do the Pro Course, and to Edmond, Netherlands, to do an Internship and to Orlando to the Wizard Course.

Wizards has been very hard for me. The Master Course was very nice, and the Internship and the Pro, but here it came back, panic attacks. The tools are amazing because they show me how to deal with panic attacks without medication. I learned a lot about myself in
this course. About self sabotage, I was doing to me and others. Harry, I can not wait until next Wizards. In the meantime, I will use the tools and get more confident in myself. Thank You (Silence with respect). Continue.... I'll work hard to over come this situation to be with all of you creating an EPC.

Sonia Eva Sieira Prats-USA-2008

I am very happy because I've perceived how I can contribute to the creation and maintenance of an EPC, which you have dedicated your whole life . I am a doctor and I love what I do, and I know that I can help a lot working as a doctor, and I feel that I am doing what I want. I know how I can contribute in creating medical students that will be good professionals in the future. With everyone that I live with, my husband, my kids, and my friends to help with their transformation with all my love and deeds. Thank You for all the Love and Compassion you have with all of us. I'll see you again at Wizards 2009.

Regina Kotke-USA-2007

Multi-dimensionalizing Exercise: One the exercise (4) of Multi-dimensionalizing people, I rediscovered my interest in other people. I had been uni-dimensionally seeing everyone--dull, dull, dull. I can understand now that I was the dull one with my monotonous point of view, viewing everyone.

With this tool, the fascinating qualities of everyone have magically reappeared. It feels like a complete make over of the world for me.

Jane Parham-USA-2008

This Wizard Course did not only empower me so I am sure to have a more joyful life, a better partnership, it was also a great spiritual experience. I was so touched by Harry's talks and all the people from all over the world. I could really feel that we all have a dream, the same dream, and a lot of people before us (in former times) also dreamt it, and what is the core of all spiritual practices, religions, philosophies. We want a better world and we'll work for it. We create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank You, Harry.

Muller Gertind-USA-2008

Well I would tell a master that has no idea what the Wizards course is about to just,like, feel into what it felt like to be at Masters, and all that love that they had there and all that feeling of being connected to whomever was at your Masters Course, and multiply that by two thousand or one million or all that. Just multiply that feeling, and feel it for half a second, and then it still won't even equal what you get at the Wizard Course because the amount of love at the Wizard Course and the connection is like nothing else on the planet, nothing.

It's, you know, it's like amazing. We're so many people from so many places, working for one common goal, and this is the only legacy we can really leave future generations. Being here now for everyone, and wow, it's just like my dream come true. I've always wanted to make this a better world, for my kids, and for everyone. When you see the amount of suffering out there, and how you can avoid it just by becoming real, it's amazing.

Patsy long de Ralero-Mexico-2008