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Wizards 2009 was an amazing experience. I had been working on a negative identity, and found a hidden agenda that scared the crap out of me. But with the help of my coach, I was able to discreate it and become source of it.

Thank God and thank you Harry. I was so afraid that I would become that identity and life in that would not be good.

Thank you all for the amazing experience this year, and I will see you all next year...for sure.

M. T.- Texas, USA-2009

After the talk on Power I looked at the people in the hall, and I cried from excitement. Wow, how many people are here?So many are outside and they don't know about it. What would happen if Harry wasn't here? So please, I wish him to live to be 120.

Natasha Mazor-Israel-2007

Harry, tomorrow, the course will finish. I only reached Ambivalent Flow on my checklist. But I've already gained a lot and very good feeling. Last night, the Taiwanese Master, Ivy, discussed about creating new students. She said we need to clean up the space between me and her. This morning in bed, I did some secrets, transgressions about her. Oh! I had a big reward. I suddenly discovered a lot of students are possible. There are a lot of new directions and possibility.

Before this, serious drill and feel its were always with me. And now, I have added Secret Rundown and Resistance and Desire Rundown processes. I can deliberately handle anything, at eating time, stress time, and sleeping time. It is so good. One day, I found feeling comes from our body. So, now, I fully understand my body is my treasure. That makes me understand the world and understand other's Source. I love my body through feeling my body to prove knowing and understanding. So, I will love my body, worship it, love it, and take care of it.

Xia Dong Hui-Taiwan-2008

This time at the Wizard course, I had the chance to support two people for two days. One person was a new student and she worked on what was happening in her company with Secrets and Hidden Agendas.

The other person I worked with was the first person's Master. She was working on her student whom I worked with . I was surprised to observe that when this person found out her secret, it was the same secret that her student found on the previous day. I felt the chain of beliefs and felt glad that it got discreated from the collective consciousness.

I had many chances to support the QM's for bringing new Wizards from Japan. What I learned was that no matter what happens, the QM's stayed in the primary with compassion and I was amazed at that attitude.

With appreciation to the QM's, I felt the importance of the Wizard Course and the change or the ending of the chain of beliefs. I feel grateful for the wonderful space. I'm willing to appreciate fully my own consciousness for the rest of my days in order to create many more new Wizards next year. Thank You.

Yuka Kawaguchi-Japan-2008

Well I know a lot of people who do Avatar fairly quickly, do Avatar then go right to Masters. One of the comments I hear people say is that, you know, "I need time to integrate before I do Wizards". But what I would suggest is that Wizards helps you find that integration, helps you integrate all of those things you've learned on Avatar and Masters. And it just takes it such a deeper level and just also gives you a whole new perspective on how to operate, and brings all of the learning that you've had on those two courses together. I would say the integration that they're looking for, how to really get it is to come to Wizards.

Michele Beisler-USA-2007