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Dear Harry,

Yesterday I regained my enthusiasm!!

I have always known myself as somebody who likes to really go for things, who is enthusiastic for something. But, for the past few years I increasingly noticed that I really had to make an effort to be enthusiastic, about anything really. It was like I knew the echo of the feeling of enthusiasm, but that I could not really fully create it anymore.

Whether it was playing with my daughter, doing my work, being with people... I increasingly noticed that everything had a slight grey blanket over it which dulled the feeling. I compensated that with using my will knowing that what I was doing was important, but still - it was kind of a surrogate for the real feeling of enthusiasm!

Yesterday I did a rundown from the Wizard materials and I discovered that I had been using enthusiasm for years to overcome structural misallignment in my company, and to achieve not feeling small and socially outside when I was young. So I've been using enthusiasm to create over things I did not want to experience and now, each time I felt enthusiasm (like the enthusiasm I feel for the contributing to an EPC)... it brought up a negative feeling as well! No wonder I kept feeling ambivalent!!!
I handled these feelings, and this morning I woke up with so much space.... I am feeling me again, enthusiastic to start the day and start creating again!

Thanks Harry for these powerful tools, they truly are a miracle!
Patrick Kools- the Netherlands

Dear Harry,
I can never get to Wizards too soon.  My life opens with a sweetness that effects my life and physical world in a way I never could from my head.  Harry your talks talks open my heart and mind. I can experience "weird" in the coolest way ever and see life playfully, adjust to experience it.
Joann Cebulski- USA

Dear Harry,

Thank you for giving me the tools of Avatar to manifest my primary of going to the Wizard Course with the whole family, which had seemed to be impossible. Also when I heard that my sister and her husband wanted to do the course, since I had tried so much to inspire them, I felt my success more than anywhere else in my life. I felt my effort so far and my intention to handle myself has paid off and aligned with your intention to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. So happy!

As a person who before had been thinking my perspective is the only right perspective, it is amazing to see that a change in perspective actually brings totally different experiences of life. The more courses I do the more different the meaning of service feels to me. Exploring life is becoming more fun and makes me think more about the future generation. Thank you lovingly,

Lee Jin Young- Korea

Hi Harry,
Just want to thank you for the Avatar tools. I've not been on course since last Wizards, but have been using the tools fairly consistently for most of the past year. In the last month I've been using them consistently and persistently. The insights I've been having have been mind blowing. Culminating in tonights revelation that has me going wow, wow, wow, WOW! Thank you Harry, it's all I can say.
John Shelton- Australia