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Dear Harry,

I would like to flow huge amounts of gratitude your way and also to Avra and all the Stars Edge Trainers. I want to share with you the huge gains I/we have made since we decided to stretch and go to the Wizards Course.

My husband and I have been experiencing struggle around money for many years. We had each done some work around it but still felt very limited “because of it”. I intuitively knew we needed to work together as that was something we had been unable to do, always hitting out stuff and not being able to align.

We decided to do Wizards together this time and held a “Type four” belief that we could create the money to go. With that we booked our tickets several months ahead and even got a “2 for 1” airfare discount! Money started to create and opportunities arose as we held a higher intention. We started feeling and integrating stuff around responsibility, not taking responsibility and Transparent Beliefs about each other and work.

When we got to Wizards it was incredible in many different ways. My husband and I were able to realize and handle lots and lots of stuff that got in the way of us being able to trust each another and also about being successful.

After returning home, within a few months, I had created an amazing job that is well paid and flexible enough to allow me to continue delivering Avatar as a Master. We have handled our considerable debt and owe no money! The most amazing things are happening and money seems to be coming from everywhere! This is a new experience….having money and the will to not blow it all and instead go for the good. What a shift!!

I love you all for the support, the wisdom to see beyond secondaries and your courage to keep going for the goal, an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Something I have always felt and didn’t know how to start. Thank you,

Lee-Ann Haynes-Folan- Australia

Dear Harry,

I am so grateful for these tools! During this week on The Wizard Course I became increasingly aware of being judgmental and critical of others. This showed up in every exercise and I was getting more and more uncomfortable with this state of being.

I saw a Trainer for support and used one of the exercises recommended which shifted me in short order. What incredible exercises!

Then I did one of the rundowns on being critical and found some big dis-aligning beliefs about care, compassion and love. Also I found beliefs about anger, hatred and abuse. When younger I had created the belief that being judgmental and critical was "The only way to protect myself". Being young and disempowered I believed I had nothing to fight back with but my mind, my angry thoughts.

The moment I got this was liberating! I could feel the remorse for my thoughts, but also compassion for my younger self believing there was no other ammunition to fight back with. The bottom line is I feel free from this habit! I feel liberated and grateful for the tools that you have provided! Thank you! With much love,

Michelle LaFrance- USA


What can I say? Since I did the Wizard Course several years ago my primary of operating in the world with integrity, compassion and love has changed to include wisdom, power and courage. The Wizards that supported me are always with me, as you are. I am so grateful to you, Avra and the whole Stars Edge network.

A story began a few years ago I want to share. It is the story of my son and me. The story is about a young man 17 years old. He got paralyzed on the right side of his body. I was able to handle this because I had done Wizards six months earlier. He and I have handled it together fearlessly. And in a way you have been empowering us with all along. Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

My gift to you is my son is here now at the Wizard Course. So is my husband and his brother is coming tomorrow. Another person I inspired to Wizards is already here helping to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. The eighth Wizard I have inspired. The circle is round.

With my love to you, Avra and everyone,

Dagmar Van Nugteren-Kolarova- Czech Republic

Dear Harry,

I am at the Wizard Course, it’s just 9:30 AM, your talk is soon and I’ve already had wow, wow, wow experiences!

I had a little run-in with my husband this morning. I was very upset and felt disconnected. Somebody, a Master, magically appeared and coached my on a rundown. I quickly found the belief creating the experience was around feeling excluded!

 I then coached her on some exercises. My clarity won on this course helped her to be clear about what she was handling. She handled some biggies! I was honored, blessed and happy to see it. She even cleared up more before we finished. I am so happy that I’m getting these exercises now. It is such a relief and so beautiful.

 Then I did some rundowns with my husband. We coached each other back and forth. It was great. I felt our connection so deeply after we did this. Really nice! Thanks for all and for being such an inspiration. From my deepest heart,

 Juliane Schwarz- United Kingdom