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Dear Harry,

Creating an EPC is an ambitious task, but it can be done and I am so grateful to share this experience with you!

Patrick Kools

I just want to say, so much love and care. I am nearly 50 and feel like a joyful and experiencing child, discovering the world with his own new eyes. Wow!

With love,

Just being, while doing, while integrating, while letting this wonderful world and human beings evolve.

John Vermette

Dear Harry,

Throughout the course I have been exploring with the intention to integrate those "things" that have been holding me back from experiencing the joy and love that I am.

Yesterday, after hidden agendas and ambivalent flows, I was still feeling in struggle. This feeling grew stronger in the afternoon as I continued to process. I chose to explore this giving up, feeling like quitting, as a float.Wow!

The transparent belief I uncovered put my whole life, and a lot of recent struggle, into perspective. So much has been lifted from my shoulders that I am happy to be me. By the way, the belief was, "I've already given up on my life."

I am so grateful to you and the Avatar Materials. I am now really going to practice my spiritual path and honor my, and our, efforts to truly make a difference in love precious humanity.

With deep, heartfelt gratitude,
Bruce Davidow

Dear Harry,

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the Avatar Materials. I became aware of how precious and powerful they are and at the same time, how simple they are.

I am grateful that I was able to go through them and to work with them, even if it wasn't always easy and pleasant for my ego. Smile.

Thank you and lots of love,
Natasilea Habla