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The Hilton Orlando has been a terrific facility. This staff at the hotel, the desks, the Wizards café, and all the staff have been most kind and helpful. One would think they had been through Avatar!

Beverly Quinn

It's been a long time since I have used the Avatar tools and taken responsibility for what I've created. In the last 12 days I've really learned what it means to live and have compassion for others. The experience is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Each course has been a "unique" experience and that is the brilliance of life. I was always worried before about introducing people to the Avatar, because they might just think it was a hoax, but the tools work and they allow you to do anything and everything. Thank you.

I'm on the path to be an Avatar trainer! I'll see you soon.

Sean May

Being able to see these self-defeating behaviors and patterns, and the transparent beliefs that fuel them, and to be able to discreate them, and create what I truly want to do and be, is life changing.

I turned 65 on this course and I feel the next third of my life will be the most fulfilling and rewarding. I could not celebrate my birthday in a better place. I will be here next year. Thank you so much.

Love and light,
John Stanton

Dear Harry,

This course is absolutely rocking my world. If I didn't do anything else but secrets and hidden agendas, I would consider it a huge success. Then you add service to others, and a partnership with all to create an EPC. We are moving mountains of needless suffering. It is truly wonderful and amazing. With deep, deep gratitude, I excitedly move forward on the path.

With the world of appreciation and love,
Linda Denmark Strachan

Dear Harry,

I wanted to share with you my experience with the Ultimate Process after running the EHP. This is my fourth wizards course and for the first time, when my coach gave me instructions on identifying with and being the creation, I really was the creation and expanded my awareness out, felt it was just an intention, no effort or force was needed. This was such an amazing experience! The feeling of expansion and oneness with all that is, is precious.

Thank you,
Theresa Jeannette Palermo