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I just want to let you know about my experience with my apparition on the entity exercise. I'd like to share with you just what happened, but I have no words to describe it.

I love you. What I've got here I will take with me and share with others.

Dr. Ruczek Eva
Budapest, Hungary

Thank you for the tools and exercises. I used to hate my job and I wanted to do Masters in September. I never made it to September because I gave my source away. I decided to go to the Masters at the end of November. I felt alive again after Masters. It was really easy for me to decide to go to the Wizards course.

Before I came to Wizards I decided that I needed answers to questions that bothered me. One was, who is my soulmate and what should I be doing for a living. What is my life's purpose. I received the answers to these questions while working with others on secrets and ambivalent flow. My biggest issue was trusting myself. When that was cleared, I felt peace and clarity. I know my life's work is bringing Avatar to the masses. I have a passion for teaching it and I love working with others. I have also found a soulmate.

Thank you Harry for making the impossible possible.

Michelle Goddy

I was so moved by the last ceremony in the Wizard Course. Especially when six trainers gave us messages in six different languages. I'm not alone. We are here together. We're connected now and in the future.

After that I talked a while with my friend and we hugged. And I cried. I have not cried for years, but I cried. I don't know why, but I couldn't stop crying. I felt so happy. My friends exist all over the world.

Thank you very much.

Shinya Noma

Dear Harry,

Because of my transgressions I have hurt myself and my family and others without noticing the effect of it. With the Secrets Rundown, I recognized the weight of my suffering and the weight of others' suffering. I understand now that what I feel is the same as what I feel for others. I know the source of my suffering is me. Now I can create another world.

Lee Jin Young

Harry, thank you for your EPC creation and that you keep creating it in the physical universe. It gives me hope and trust that it can and will happen in the world. In every course I can feel that the foundation is expanding and growing fast.

The Avatar exercises are wonderful and I feel the sacredness since this Wizard Course. Every step is a help for the world. Thank you for your insight and the boldness to show up.

Anita Bosch