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When I did this super feel it on a small object I suddenly felt freed up and was amazed. When I did the super feel it on a building I was so surprised. "This is really me." I burst into tears of amazement. There is no reason, no judgment. This is this, that is that, I am me. I feel every judgment from the past is gone. Amazing! Awesome!

Eun-Young Ham

I feel you every morning when you talk, Harry. Every moment is a time of amazement, learning, awakening, and integrity. I am getting brighter and brighter. I really appreciate the avatar network. Please take care of yourself, and thank you again for the tools.

Cho Jung Eun

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Harry,Avra, and all the trainers. Thank you for creating such an amazing and loving experience!

This has truly been the most empowering experience of my life so far. I can't wait to be together again next year. I am inspired to share this experience with everyone.

After years of what I thought was compassionate and loving service, I am now experiencing a much more clear and unconditional level of compassion and love for everyone. With the wizards tools, it is easy to be deliberately awake.

Mary Stanaman
Ontario, Canada

Dear everyone,

Thank you for the ability to see how I have held myself separate from people and groups that my higher self wanted to align with, and for the tools to regain that connection and alignment in my heart, and to change how I operate. It is an honor to assist in this mission to awaken the planet and spread compassion to all corners.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet a huge network of friends and allies whom I have more in common with than I could have possibly imagined. It feels so good to support them and to know that same support is available almost anywhere in the world.

I have more inner peace, confidence, and faith in myself and others than ever before. I am ready to take this out into the world.

Beverly Garland
Austin, Texas


Dear Harry and Avra,

I am filled with appreciation for this experience. I am in awe at my awakening. I feel so connected to everyone here and to the world. I was operating out of a reaction to losing my mother for so many years, 23 years, I can live now and finally move on to be the light that I am and light up the world. EPC! What a mission you have created! There is nothing more meaningful or loving then this. I love you and what you've created for us, and I look forward to being a bigger more responsible, compassionate, active part of it all. This work is amazingly wonderful and special.

Lana Hamilton Pratt
Lawrence, Kansas