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Dear Miken,

Felt like returning to one's spiritual home after a long exile in the real world Miken. Listening to Harry speak everyday was like receiving an uninterrupted flow of grace and protection from one's spiritual father. Need one ask for more. Thank you Miken.

With all my love and gratitude

Dear Harry,

Thank you for creating this fantastic material. It is my inspiration and I feel reverence for it. It's very freeing. The best times in my life are when I am on this course. The experiences bring peace to my mind, body, and spirit. It is a privilege to integrate these aspects of life, to be source and responsible for my universe.

My daughter is now a wizard. She had an incredible experience. It is good to know that I'm able to repair all my ignorance as being a mother-not-prepared, being controlling and demanding. Now she has the tools to create a better life condition for her and her family.


When I first took responsibility as a door Guardian, I felt uneasy and hesitant. After that I cleaned up my transgressions. Now I understand the value of the work as a Guardian and the Wizard. Such a joy!!

The Wizards Course is really a coming home. The role of the door Guardian is to welcome them with a warm heart, to protect them and keep them safe. Thank you so much for welcoming me as a team member. I'm coming back with more friends next year. Thank you.

Ah Yeong
Pusan, Korea

I could let go of my anxiety, struggles, and concerns of what others would think. I learned that helping others makes me happy. I also learned that no matter what kind of reactions I've run into, they are mine and I need to handle them.

Thank you Harry Palmer for making it possible for me to understand this.

Choi Soon-ok