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Dear Harry,

I am very glad to know Avatars and Wizards. I appreciate that you gave us this material to get free of pain. And find the right path to live. I learned a lot. I've changed and I can see from my head to my heart. Isn't that beautiful? I love you.

Eundan Choi
Gimpo, Korea

Mitch: Hi Harry, thank you for an amazing Wizards Course. This was my fifth time (hey, I'm starting to get it all.) And the wonderful part is my wife, Liz, was with me doing the Wizards Course for the first time. We are so grateful and full of love and appreciation!

Liz: I want to thank you and express my gratitude for your courage and perseverance to develop these amazing tools and this incredible program -- I am honored to be a part of this community. I had so many breakthroughs in wins over this course; among them was the magic of discovering secrets and hidden agendas -- through this process I was able to identify secrets I didn't know it existed -- and communicate them to Mitch. I am humbled by my "clever" mode of consciousness which creates reasons and stories why things are not lies. The most immediate benefit is the freed attention and connection to Mitch, others, and most importantly to myself.

Mitch: Liz and I are very excited to use our wizards tools at home to develop a closer, more connected, more deliberate marriage. We are so grateful and can't wait to inspire all of our friends to do other tar and create awareness in their lives.

Mitchell and Liz

Dear Harry and Avra,

Thank you for supporting this creation! With this network we have the most incredible space for loving beings to assist one another. Your primary has created. How wonderful is that? No words...

Because of your faith and perseverance, here we are in a dream come true with the ability to awaken others, to really assist one another with cleaning up and getting into a higher self perspective. We have the way because of the tools!

This space held for me and my struggle "fighting my alignment" has been incredible. No one ever made me wrong, and this astounding feat was done with such profound integrity that it helped me establish safety and trust like I have never known. I'm sure you can feel how life-changing this has been for me. I have gained what was always missing from my life, which I so longed to find. I cannot thank you enough.

I intend to align with the mission and will continue it forever!

Eve Starbridge

Dear Harry and team,

I am so grateful for the power I feel in myself and for the peace and trust. I know that cleaning up my own things will help to create more Avatars, and that is my goal. I am thankful and hopeful. I am going home now, but I will use your amazing tools every day and I am so happy to see the people around me. Thank you.

Henrietta Wynalekcr

If I compare the state I was in when I entered the intro-course, to where I am now, there has been an amazing change. Thank you for helping! I will use these tools on a daily basis. My life has been improved dramatically and I am ready to share this with the world, making every day a little brighter. You promised a roller-coaster ride, and it certainly was. I am ready to play -- bring it on!

Eelio van der Wal