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Dear Harry,

I am a Shaman, one of those you talk about in lecture eight at wizards. I have a drum and a rattle which I both made myself and I use a process that I call shamanic healing singing. (My body hygiene is good, I don't use psychedelic drugs, and in my normal life I work as a lawyer.)

I was deeply impressed by lecture eight. This is my first wizards and since I started avatar, I feel a connection between Avatar and shamanism, and now this lecture and the E. H. P. finally put it all together for me. Avatar is really the most profound modern shamanic training you can get on this planet and the E. H. P. is a wonderful tool.

I deeply respect and honor your work. Thank you!

Cris Suemenicht

After this wizard's course I feel so much more confident trusting my feelings and intuition. And what a gift it is to use it with others.

Jaap Jan Huisman

During the E. H. P. session I felt the sensation of always having to hurry myself. An inner urge. The entity which showed up appeared to be in a past life thing, probably created there because I felt that in life I died not having been able to finish all of the task I had set for myself. That created such an emotion that it attracted an entity, which was up to now, still with me. After the process I felt an immediate release of stress and pressure, and felt calmness. I am sure I can enjoy my partner's slow pace in walking now without the irritation of wanting to make a faster tempo.

Hans Brak

Dear Harry,

First I coached J. on creation list one. Then she coached me on creation list five. It was so much fun. Afterwards I felt like having had a session and we had such a beautiful, clean, and silent connection.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could more often just cut all that ego/communication-crap and simply connect. I can imagine.

Jan Nienwenhinzen

Dear trainers,

You folks rock!

Thank you for all the behind the scenes work that you do (that I have no idea about.) And thank you for all of the on stage WOW demos, and thank you for your everlasting patience and crystal-clear explanations.

Much love,
Ann Corcoran