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Dear Harry,

Several occasions on this course I have had the gift of coaching new students who were for the moment stuck in something. A little while ago Isa asked me to work with a new student who was sitting in a life-long creation. She suggested and integrity rundown, so we explored his creation as a hidden agenda.

We followed the directions in the Wizard pack. That was it. That was all it took. "Create what it feels like to be someone who resists..." And then "create what it feels like to be someone who desires..." He was willing to feel completely both sides of the creation. It didn't take long at all.

I wish you could have seen his face afterwards. I'm still amazed at how simple it is, really. All it takes is some courage and willingness -- plus your instructions.

Thank you again for these life-changing materials. And for creating a network where we have the gift of being able to pass them on.Yeah!

Linda Houser

I just want to thank Harry, Star's edge trainers, QMs, and everyone else for everything you have put into this class and this course. I first did the Avatar in September 2009, and I have been writing this amazing way in every sense. I wasn't sure if I could get much more out of another course, since the others were so amazing, but wizards has been the best one so far. Things I thought I had worked through still had some layers that were hanging on. Doing the exercises and listening to others gave me the courage to dig deeper and pushed through the muck. I am more clear about my life. I feel as if the boulder I have been carrying around most of my life has been chipped away, and I can be the person I was meant to be.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am a changed person and can't wait to start a new life.

Kelley Crum

Dear Harry,

Thanks to Avatar a 46-year-old trial ended yesterday. Doing the E. H. P. allowed the accuser and the prosecutor to be revealed.

The case was dismissed. I realized that I had been standing before the judge being accused since I was three years old. This accusation and the ensuing fear of judgment and condemnation had been with me every single day of my life.

All of my major life's decisions have been decided based on the prospect of condemnation.

In the work I had done prior to the EHP, I had loosened the hold it held me in, but it was still there.

Now I am free. I can never thank you enough for all you've done. I can only pay it forward.

I'm going to have 10 students or more at each avatar course because there is no possibility of failure.

Thank you again!
Ann Cox

Dear Harry and Avra,

Thank you so much for this Avatar work! I have struggled and suffered in my romantic relationships all of my life. I discovered through the identities work what I was projecting my partner that had a relationship blow up in a sudden abrupt end. I was projecting that he wasn't good enough. No surprise why he was jealous and angry. As I look back on my past relationships I could see this comment thread weaving through all of them. No one was ever good enough for me. It reminded me of my parents relationship where my dad was never good enough for my mom. My archetype! Then traveling further back I noticed my mom's dad wasn't good enough for my grandmother; so it was probably my mother's archetype as well. I am so relieved to have made this discovery and discreate this nonsense. Room for a happy, loving, lasting romantic relationship has a possibility of existing for me.

Thank you and with gratitude and love for the tools,
Deborah Wirth

Coming home from Wizards after 2 weeks of "looking inward", to be honest, was a bit scary. I was afraid because I figured out through my studies that  I was indeed living a dual life back home. One part of me was still attached to the past, the life of dysfunctional relationships and addictions. The other part of me wants to live deliberately and create a life filled with joy and happiness. Each day that I spent looking inward, I found some missing piece to the puzzle. I am happy to report, I was able to turn myself around, let the past go and move forward on my path to enlightenment.

Still, coming home, I felt the draw to go back to the "old" dual life once more. This time however, I feel secure in myself and am able to detach from the past. In order to keep moving forward I have to show-up and take responsibility. I have to surrender to my higher power and Let Go and Let God.

I am guided now by the light and the compassion I have for life. I thank my wonderful husband for all his support, Harry Palmer for his incredible materials and praise God that I have found a solid road to walk on.

Have a blessed day,
Laurie Escott- USA