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The ReSurfacing Workshop was very insightful. I am definitely going further with The Avatar Course These two days took me very high and I can't wait to see how crazy it will go the next time! Simple and working with ease!

Jan Saverstein- USA

I became more aware than ever of the possibilities of my life. I also learned that my attention was scattered and that I could focus it and become more effective, I also learned about some major Transparent Beliefs I can now work on clearing. Thanks!

Emily Lapham- USA

ReSurfacing Revelations in definitions of beliefs and how they originate. Revelations about Transparent Beliefs and their eradication. I have determinism amplified with the identification of helpful and impeding beliefs and the role they play. I can identify goals and have the ability or awareness to realize them in not only the short term but " life" term. I have a sense of lightness. A radiation of light and a pervasiveness of joy. From in and around my mind and body the beginning of sustainable happiness and bliss.


It's an unbelieveable feeling to be one with so many people and we can only grow and grow. Thank you for your gift and I will meet you beyond the universe on my way to Wizards.

Gemma O'Toole- USA