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I found ReSurfacing to provide me with a conscious awareness of how I have based my decisions up until now on a paradigm of unconscious beliefs I had created very early on in life, even in the womb of my Mother. With this conscious awareness I will now take the time to objectively ask myself when I put myself in a creation, need to make a decision or have created some experience, what beliefs are generating it and then explore them with the tools and exercises of ReSurfacing!

These two days of ReSurfacing were held in a safe, anchoring and supportive space. I thank you. Blessing,

Kate Moody- USA

I realized that I thought the things I believed in were so grand. I handled many things and believe I have released them. I am sure Avatar is the start from now forward. The vibration and connection of the network during last few days have made me aware of that. Thank you!!

Makiko Kameda- Japan

The ReSurfacing Workshop was very insightful. I am definitely going further with The Avatar Course These two days took me very high and I can't wait to see how crazy it will go the next time! Simple and working with ease!

Jan Saverstein- USA

I became more aware than ever of the possibilities of my life. I also learned that my attention was scattered and that I could focus it and become more effective, I also learned about some major Transparent Beliefs I can now work on clearing. Thanks!

Emily Lapham- USA