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I have learned to handle my body, to direct my will and also myself.  My goal was to create my Avatar Course the right way for me. I have achieved 35 of the 36 points I planned. I have done ReSurfacing a second time now. I am nine years old. Thank you!

Anna-Maria K.- Germany

To realize that my belief about a person is really my own creation was a very profound experience with a lot of expansion!
Sigrun- Germany
Learning to let go of past hurt by, among other means, accepting responsibility for choices I made, landed me on what literally felt like the sunny side of the street. the road was not only strong, as though concrete, but also smooth, with what looked like clear sailing ahead. Golden rays of gentle warmth felled the sky, bathing the journey in a blessing of a deep and peaceful joy.
Adam Anka
Seattle, WA.

Dear Harry,

I did a ReSurfacing Internship and I was at the table with children ranging in age from 9 to 12 years old. I am totally amazed and thankful(!) about this experience. To empower children with the Avatar tools is such a gift! I really would like to give this gift to many more children in this world.

Your tools make it possible to empower the children to reach their real goals- happiness, joy, peace and love! I am so touched again with the magic of the Avatar tools.

Love and a lot of appreciation,

Andrea Reich