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Dear Harry,

Your words that I am taking as my own are " The best I am loves you. Nothing can modify my love for you". Thank you! During my ReSurfacing Course I have found some important goals. My goals of being gainfully employed, of discontinuing the attracting of unavailable people ( esp. a man), of resolving my deep shakiness regarding talking to my daughter-in-laws about a breast removal and to continue healing from a complete hip replacement 6 months ago. These have all shifted to a more helpful belief level!

Learning about Transparent Beliefs is new and helpful. The "This and That" exercise is providing a new perspective about love. I've done significant work with a Doctor that has a website regarding compassion. Your Compassion exercise is a perfect companion! I really like it and will share it with others for their perusal.

The Avatar Masters at the course, Bill and Lori, are wonderful. Such sustained attention and energy during these greater than 8 hr days. They along with this group of people are a blessing, equating it with a love story. The hospitality and environment are spectacular and quite like being in a warm beautiful garden of great art both inside and out. WOW! May all be well,

Jeanna Saccaro- USA


I recently revisited my Personality Profile from the ReSurfacing Workbook. Five years have passed since I first filled this out on my first Avatar Course.
I was so totally amazed that all the creations and issues that had once burdened me for most of my life are no longer a part of my reality. The realization of how much of my life has changed was beyond anything I could have imagined. My life has taken on such a new clarity.

I am certain that the creations and issues that I once felt was my life would have gone with me to my death had it not been for you, this course and of course my willingness to participate and play with those that went before me.

Life has become fun, exciting and an adventure! My family and friends see me happier, more confident and softer than they have ever seen me before.
Today the challenges in my life don't seem so insurmountable, but more like an exploration and an adventure. I have a knowing that my life only gets better and better and more magnificent. Thank you Harry, Avra and teammates.

Sandy- USA



Dear Harry,

I just finished the Resurfacing exercise Walk For Atonement, the variation for secrets. As I did the walk, a turtle joined me! It was by the fence row, head and neck sticking out and moving at a good pace. It felt "powered up". At the end of the walk, as I owned some things I had pretended to get ahead, I said " Yes. I have been doing that". At that moment I looked up and saw balloons high in the sky. It felt symbolic for the letting go, releasing all thoughts and events to the past. "Enjoying the sights, sounds and sensations of the present moment with appreciation", as you say in the workbook. It's time to create a new story-new life!

Thanks for all you do and have done to support all of us in contributing to the creation of an EPC. Love,

Pam Ciganik- USA

Dear Harry,

Transparent Belief is great! After Class we were playing with the exercise finding different beliefs. During the process we were full of joy and laughter and when we found our Transparent Beliefs, suddenly, the room got brighter and so we kept exploring. We all laughed too hard! Thanks,

Chien Su Chen-