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Dear Harry,

I just did the Walk For Atonement exercise from ReSurfacing on criticism of self and criticism of others. The exercise helped me a lot. I have not felt that free and not being "in my head" for a long time. I am happy and relieved about who I am. It was such a relief to be really honest with myself. I feel good and happy! Thank you very much for this super exercise!

Birgeit Steinesberger- Germany

Dear Harry,

Now I understand what ReSurfacing is. Rising out of a creation and back into Source awareness. I have spent so many years blocking myself from connecting with people when all I really wanted to do was inspire them to awaken. It is truly inspiring to part of this sangha. The level of responsibility to awaken is huge and I appreciate what you and Avra are doing to help this planet awaken. The sangha is an important part of this mission. I am truly grateful we are on a mission to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Andrea Heal-New Zealand

Dear Harry,

Because of the Avatar ReSurfacing Course I have gained many new insights about the origin of certain problems and beliefs. I have been able to acquire further insights and motivation about what my own wishes and desires are. Also how to reach them. Resurfacing has certainly given me the motivation to continue with the Avatar Course. Thank you,

Francine Olde Henvelt- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

Your words that I am taking as my own are " The best I am loves you. Nothing can modify my love for you". Thank you! During my ReSurfacing Course I have found some important goals. My goals of being gainfully employed, of discontinuing the attracting of unavailable people ( esp. a man), of resolving my deep shakiness regarding talking to my daughter-in-laws about a breast removal and to continue healing from a complete hip replacement 6 months ago. These have all shifted to a more helpful belief level!

Learning about Transparent Beliefs is new and helpful. The "This and That" exercise is providing a new perspective about love. I've done significant work with a Doctor that has a website regarding compassion. Your Compassion exercise is a perfect companion! I really like it and will share it with others for their perusal.

The Avatar Masters at the course, Bill and Lori, are wonderful. Such sustained attention and energy during these greater than 8 hr days. They along with this group of people are a blessing, equating it with a love story. The hospitality and environment are spectacular and quite like being in a warm beautiful garden of great art both inside and out. WOW! May all be well,

Jeanna Saccaro- USA