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It is the end of my ReSurfacing Course. I can notice my Transparent Beliefs so clearly. I understand how my life had been controlled by Transparent Beliefs. By doing the Walk of Atonement I could release my guilt and feel so light. I could think about my enemies happiness! These are great results. Thank you very much,

Masashi Hashimoto- Japan

Dear Harry,

I have finished the ReSurfacing Workshop. In two days I experienced that I can create my reality anytime. With the Attention exercises I experienced that I can solve (discreate) my problems. With the Transparent Belief exercise I felt my pain and experience and I could let it go. I came very close to my goal to become more authentic. The Compassion exercise opens my heart and gives me the feeling of peace. I experience myself! Thank You!

Bridgitte Godilcent- USA

Dear Harry,

I just did the Walk For Atonement exercise from ReSurfacing on criticism of self and criticism of others. The exercise helped me a lot. I have not felt that free and not being "in my head" for a long time. I am happy and relieved about who I am. It was such a relief to be really honest with myself. I feel good and happy! Thank you very much for this super exercise!

Birgeit Steinesberger- Germany

Dear Harry,

Now I understand what ReSurfacing is. Rising out of a creation and back into Source awareness. I have spent so many years blocking myself from connecting with people when all I really wanted to do was inspire them to awaken. It is truly inspiring to part of this sangha. The level of responsibility to awaken is huge and I appreciate what you and Avra are doing to help this planet awaken. The sangha is an important part of this mission. I am truly grateful we are on a mission to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Andrea Heal-New Zealand