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I think what I have gained is a realization that while I place a great weight on being honest with others, I am not being very honest with myself. I am also starting to think that what is holding me back is a big fear of leaving my comfort zone and not being good enough to exist without being hurt by others or being criticized by them.
I came here with no intention of doing Part Two but during the course I have changed my mind.
What I have learned:
I don't need to analyze how I feel. It is enough to just feel it.
I don't have to chase my tail to find the happiness in it, but if I just let it be, it will follow me everywhere.
It is starting to sink in with me just how powerful these exercises are.


Part I: ReSurfacing showed me how undeliberately I have lived so far. I was successful in creating deliberately my indoctrinations on and on and on. A big AHA was the experience of transparent beliefs.


I am once more taking full responsibility for myself. I realized again (too well) that all the blame is useless. I write my own script. I am no longer a victim. The future is bright and exciting.


I am very pleased to share some of my personal changes after my initial introduction to Avatar with ReSurfacing
Basically, I felt a great uplifting feeling during the ReSurfacing course that I shared with you and Lamar and the others present during this fantastic journey. I was prepared for a lecture format and a lot of writing and intellectualizing, much the same as I have experienced in other workshops.
I was so happy that my experience was totally the opposite. I went out into nature and began divesting myself of all the professional jargon and intellectualizing conversations (the self-talk I have been so used to in preparing for responding to the instructor). That didn't happen.
I began to re-discover myself through the trees, rocks, flowers, birds, squirrels, ants, clouds, smells, sounds, strangers, the universe. I felt like that little person that I knew back in my innocence during my early childhood. It was absolutely beautiful. I had feelings in my stomach, in my body (which felt many times lighter), in my head, in my eyes. I was rediscovering the beauty of life-my life that had been ignored for so long. The tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat were feelings of wonderment and satisfaction.
The greatest feeling was that I wanted more, more, more! And in fact I did do more. I did the full Avatar course and that was a whole different and wonderful experience on which I plan to build by going on for the master's course.
To those people who are considering ReSurfacing and the one-day course-I highly encourage you to do it-You will love it and what's more you will love yourself for having done it.