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When I first received the Avatar Journal, I noted how happy everyone in the pictures looked-veritably glowing! I wanted to be THAT! I read the material, shared them with my husband, and we decided to send for the books. They arrived, we read them and got very excited about taking the course. Here we are and here we were. We each wanted to learn to deal with our separate issues. We actually learned to deal with ALL or ANY issue IMMEDIATELY! Mission accomplished!


I came needing some realignment and to elevate myself back into the perspective of the creator of my reality. I experienced stress release, feeling more empowered, clarity on areas of my life that needed some attention. I created a higher purpose goal that encompassed all I have a passion for and love-something I've been attempting to achieve for some time.


This weekend I have experienced a number of awakenings or "Aha" experiences as I began to see through some of my limiting thought patterns and beliefs that have stood between me and success. In particular, in the "Releasing Fixed Attention" exercise, I finally felt (rather than intellectualized) how something that I was experiencing as a situation I want to change, was actually CREATED BY ME! Somehow this feels like a very liberating first step!


I set out to unblock unhealthy patterns in my life; to grow and to release emotional baggage.
Through the ReSurfacing exercises I expanded my awareness to achieve what I set out to do.
I believe I'm in the right place at the right time.
Mission accomplished!