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I realized goals which I can achieve and shared feelings with the other members and discovered answers which I feel I would never have achieved on my own. I feel more certain things are sure to improve in my life. I came feeling confused and depressed about an issue (in my life). I left feeling better and when I thought about the problem I no longer had those feelings.

In the last 2 days I have developed a broader and deeper understanding of my own existence, my reason for being, and the belief that I am the master of my own destiny.
I have been heartened by the fact that many Avatar principles were and are part of my life, and inspired by the revelations that are my new life beliefs, and the power I have at my disposal.

Dear Lori:

Thanks for your recent email and inquiry about me. As you know, I have been having not such a great time in life in the past few years and keep on seeing some unproductive patterns in life that I have been unable to break. However, in recent days, I accidentally picked up the Resurfacing book and started reading it again and doing some of the exercise. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this new experience has been for me. I have been having phenomenal gains from the book, which are so amazing that I could not wait to contact you and tell you about them.

What is so amazing is that even though, I had studied this book a number of times in the past, as I am reading this book, I come across sentences and topics that are very powerful and insightful and yet they all appear like this is the first time I am reading them. I do not know what happened. How is it possible that I missed so many great insights when I read the book before? It looks like a totally brand new book, even though, I had gone through it many time before. Is it because I am at a different stage in life and see things in the book that I never noticed before?.

The most important win was on day one, on page 4 of the book. Reading that page made me realize that all along I have had a transparent belief that, "I can not improve or change". Therefore, because of carrying that belief, I had sabotaged all my prior attempts at self-improvement including books, seminars and Avatar experience. Somehow, deep inside, I had a belief that people do not change and no matter what I did, I could not improve myself or get rid of self-sabotaging patterns. The second transparent belief that I had was "My problems are too complex to handle through simple means". Somehow, I formed the belief that to get any relief from unproductive patterns in my life, I needed a very long, comprehenive, and complex approach, requiring powerful tools and services from top notch professionals. The idea that a simple process could help me discreate a life long unproductive belief appeared absurd.

The bottom line is that I now recognize that a few transparent beliefs sabotaged my gains from Avatar in the past.

I am having wins from Resurfacing work and I am determined to complete this work on my own at my own pace, taking all the time it takes to re-do ReSurfacing exercises and read the book as thoroughly as I can. There are still sentences in the book that come across as abstract and not too personal. However, I now recognize that anytime I come across any topics that do not seem real to me, I will go back, work at it longer until they become personal and real to me.



I've experienced many books and seminars regarding self-development. My friend who introduced me said, "You wouldn't know how it is until you experience it" and I became interested. The feeling I had after taking two days ReSurfacing was so mysterious that I still remember.

I've been full of secondaries but gradually gained confidence and this Master Course I explore every simple aspect. I'm looking forward to seeing you. I appreciate the beliefs that brought me here.