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Now I know better than I ever did before that I alone am responsible for my destiny/life/experiences. No longer can I point my finger at anyone or anything out there. It's totally up to me. So here I go!

I wanted to get in touch with some of my beliefs that were holding me back and blocking me.
I learned about beliefs, attention, how they can be changed-attention-focus on what I want to accomplish and create the beliefs that I want to have, not what I think others want of me.

I learned about my sabotaging behavior. Not feeling good enough has effected every area of my life. I didn't know what I wanted. I felt unsafe all the time. I felt angry.
I learned I was creating this. I saw it myself. I now have an idea of what I wasn't and how to get there and how to deal with limiting beliefs. THANK YOU!

Thank you for facilitating such enlightening awareness! As I have become aware of my beliefs, intentions and attention, I have shifted and the world has shifted with me!