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Thank you for facilitating such enlightening awareness! As I have become aware of my beliefs, intentions and attention, I have shifted and the world has shifted with me!

I set out to be in charge of my life by learning to create personal freedom and grow spiritually. I actually learned to be responsible for my actions, thoughts and life. I became aware of my thoughts and transparent beliefs.

I realized goals which I can achieve and shared feelings with the other members and discovered answers which I feel I would never have achieved on my own. I feel more certain things are sure to improve in my life. I came feeling confused and depressed about an issue (in my life). I left feeling better and when I thought about the problem I no longer had those feelings.

In the last 2 days I have developed a broader and deeper understanding of my own existence, my reason for being, and the belief that I am the master of my own destiny.
I have been heartened by the fact that many Avatar principles were and are part of my life, and inspired by the revelations that are my new life beliefs, and the power I have at my disposal.