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I have found a new trust of the exercises and how powerful they are. I have embraced myself during this course and learned to love and appreciate all aspects of myself. My one great hope is that I won't resist doing the exercises in my daily life. To love life and to be free of the need for love and acceptance is such a wonderful bright simple place to be.

Mary Dolan Watters- USA- 2004


I am reviewing ReSurfacing this weekend. Have made huge shifts in my consciousness. Life seems/is so much easier. I am able to make decisions-to direct my life flow with greater ease. New awareness this morning: I have the ability to go from a murky consciousness to one of pure clarity in one single instant choosing to do so, i.e. I choose clarity!

Mary Jo Knight- USA- 2005


I set out to gain some insight into deliberately changing the way I perceive myself, my relationships and the world around me. I wanted to become cause rather than effect.
Through the exercises in the ReSurfacing workshop I gained practical tools for looking at any challenge I have, determining where it comes from and more importantly, how I can make the changes that I choose for myself.
I gained a perspective of myself as an unlimited being—through actually experiencing it. I was able to work through two of the most powerful challenges in my life right now. It has been a liberating and empowering experience.

R. B. - Arizona
I had a great time. Very challenging-personally. Experienced shifts and some alignment of goals and mechanisms for achieving them. The doing is now up to me. I can go as far as I choose. There is a lot to fit in in 2 days; my brain aches, but not in pain. Will now take time to soak up many of the insights and ideas.