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I am completely blown away...and I know this is only the tip of the iceberg. My husband and I came together which was a very good move because to both have an increased awareness is such a gift. We can't wait to begin Section II. Thank you so much for brining this into our lives. Rebekah Tainui
Hi Michele,

Thank you for spending such quality time to work through Resurfacing with me.

I am completely convinced that I definitely experienced some shifts over the weekend which have modified my outlook on the world.  I don't know how my new outlook may or may not change my life - but I expect time will tell.

My goal was to work on "making connections".  I can honestly say that making connections is now so much easier - I don't know why, but I'm loving it.  In addition, some barriers between myself and men, in particular, have definitely been lowered and I seem to connect with men on a platonic level I don't ever recall experiencing before.  It just feels good to connect!


Renée Remy
I have found a new trust of the exercises and how powerful they are. I have embraced myself during this course and learned to love and appreciate all aspects of myself. My one great hope is that I won't resist doing the exercises in my daily life. To love life and to be free of the need for love and acceptance is such a wonderful bright simple place to be.

Mary Dolan Watters- USA- 2004


I am reviewing ReSurfacing this weekend. Have made huge shifts in my consciousness. Life seems/is so much easier. I am able to make decisions-to direct my life flow with greater ease. New awareness this morning: I have the ability to go from a murky consciousness to one of pure clarity in one single instant choosing to do so, i.e. I choose clarity!

Mary Jo Knight- USA- 2005