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Dear Harry,

My first Pro Course, a year after Masters, I arrived in a Persistent Mass: the overwhelming need to be invisible.

After much work with AI's, on the fifth day I "popped"...a wonderful previously unknown, a new me emerged.

I don't have words to tell you how deeply I felt having you there to talk to us today. I was at the edge of a table to your right, as close as I could get.

Here's the miracle. I found myself jumping, jumping!! up and down, yelling and raising my arms, not even aware of how I might have looked to others! I don't believe I ever even jumped as a little kid.

Yes, Harry, Houston, we have a trickle! And I am so very blessed to be part of it. I have your heart.

Love and Blessings,
Jessica Hart

P. S. I am 63 and thought my life was over. I see it is just beginning.

I have spent most of my life exhausted and angry form being in conflict with others. It was a miserable life.
Avatar has shown me how to take responsibility for all of my own actions, my own thoughts and my own feelings. I've discovered how easy and how relieving it is to be kind, to appreciate, to be generous.

I become quietly amazed at the disappearance of past upsets and judgments. People I hated, blamed and criticized have become friends.

Thank you Harry, Thank you trainers thank you everyone who has ever done Avatar.

Oh, yeah, and I know that the world is so grateful to you for the change in what I now put into the world.


Dear Harry,
Thank you for the tools on the Professional Course. I especially looked forward to take back your body each morning. What a wonderful way of experiencing being with others. I felt so connected and appreciative. I've learned as we are willing to meet the obstacles along our path and brave the storms, we are then met with the gift of release. We navigate out of choppy waters and enter in calm, glassy waters victorious.

My journey here has been a bumpy one at moments. I experienced several persistent masses and at one point felt as though I had pulled the threads that made up my life and unraveled them. Is it possible to experience the entirety of ones life and take it apart in one course? I feel perhaps it is. Life may be so different now, so much more livable without all the resistances.

I wish to extend a thank you that just feels so inadequate by measure in words for the tools and the courses. The trainer's QM's and others who attended the course are so loving. The feeling they are here to serve each other and all of us are very apparent. Thank you Harry and Star's Edge for the gifts. May we all experience an EPC.

With great love and appreciation.
Gwen Kerr

Dear Harry,
Today I did intensified attention on feeling insecure and I got to: "I don't trust my feelings."
I came to it so quickly that I went by it...kept going to look for an unknown. My coaches pointed out to me that I had felt it land but went by it an asked me to look at it...I was actually doing it right there; not trusting how I feel!! IT LANDED with a huge emotional release.
I've been walking around not trusting my feel...this is going to change my life. Thank you for the gift of Avatar.

With Appreciation and gratitude, Love always,