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My experience has been awesome! The exercises are so powerful and even thou I've already done Wizards I got so much more insight: Awareness!

I realized that I was waiting for someone to give me the answer or at least "the question".

I had an awesome rat list - and I can feel what I've done to others with my resisted creations- I am so grateful! Thank you!

I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and I want so very mucho to share this feeling with others.

Thank you Harry
Sue Harris

I have only been here for a day and a half and have had an increased sense of calm, awareness and confidence. The peace and compassion for both self and others is potently infused into the material and energy of the collective whole. It is an inspiring space with endless opportunities for personal growth and connection to others in consciousness. Thank you to all Avatars for increasing the peace in the world.

Daron Joffe

Thank you Harry! These tools have relieved so much pain in my life. I feel present for the first time in my life. I can see how I've created drama and distractions in my life to avoid commitment and that has kept me from fulfilling what I truly want to do.

I feel like I can finally be present with others--it seems so simple!

Thank you for sharing Avatar and also for creating such an awesome team to deliver it to us. I started out in mistrust and now I feel complete gratitude.

With love and gratitude,

Thank you, Harry, and all the trainers.

Since the Master Course in September, I was requested to help the sangha as a translator of English/Japanese. Being a translator gives me a wonderful experience close to many trainers.

It gives me a deeper and better understanding of your materials, and it really helps me integrating my real life, too.

I rally enjoy helping others as a translator, and am hoping to become a QM to contribute more on creating an EPC!!

This job is so much fun! Or even more than just fun!! It's a loving and ambitious job as a human being. Thank you Harry.

Yoriko Noda