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Thank you for your connection and talk today at the Pro Course. Your technology is changing the world now. I have a new set of guidelines for my life, personal responsibility, compassion and service to others. I see this and feel every Avatar connection and every time I open and Avatar pack.

How can I thank you enough for the miraculous changes and relief you have given to me and my family. We are evolving and becoming more real constantly.

Nancy Magaret

Quiet amazement! This course is gentle and sweet. For the first time I am able to be totally present with another being without any attention on myself. This was the missing piece for me to show up with others in my life. Being able to be present with another being brings me the greatest joy I have left. Before Pro it was an effort and sometimes exhausting. I feel eternally grateful to have had this experience and beautiful loving tool in my life.
Thank you!

Love & gratitude,
Tiffany Culjis

Excellent course. I especially appreciate Harry's emphasis on personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others as essential elements of an enlightened planetary civilization.

Ed Dodger


My experience has been awesome! The exercises are so powerful and even thou I've already done Wizards I got so much more insight: Awareness!

I realized that I was waiting for someone to give me the answer or at least "the question".

I had an awesome rat list - and I can feel what I've done to others with my resisted creations- I am so grateful! Thank you!

I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and I want so very mucho to share this feeling with others.

Thank you Harry
Sue Harris