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The processes give immediate results. After I intensified attention on my creation that it's hard to approach certain types of people, one of those types walked right up to me and asked me about Avatar!

The "Friends" t-shirt is great!

I've been trying to tell the eco-community this for years. That cooperation is the shortcut to addressing global enviro disaster and having enough resources for all. Now I have more presence to convey the message.

Jenny Nazak

It's hard to think of just one success, the last 6 days have been a success.

It is so amazing to share a deeper connection with people. The Pro Course has really brought the possibility of an Enlighten Planetary Civilization to a whole new level of conviction for me.

Chris Trumann

Thank you for your connection and talk today at the Pro Course. Your technology is changing the world now. I have a new set of guidelines for my life, personal responsibility, compassion and service to others. I see this and feel every Avatar connection and every time I open and Avatar pack.

How can I thank you enough for the miraculous changes and relief you have given to me and my family. We are evolving and becoming more real constantly.

Nancy Magaret

Quiet amazement! This course is gentle and sweet. For the first time I am able to be totally present with another being without any attention on myself. This was the missing piece for me to show up with others in my life. Being able to be present with another being brings me the greatest joy I have left. Before Pro it was an effort and sometimes exhausting. I feel eternally grateful to have had this experience and beautiful loving tool in my life.
Thank you!

Love & gratitude,
Tiffany Culjis