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All of my previous Avatar Courses have been excellent, but during the Pro Course, I am beginning to see a 'coming together' of it all. I am able to see how I sabotage myself and my goals - and now I know how to handle them.

Polly Black

I am amazed at how easy it is to be present and connect with people now, an such a joy to do so!

I've had amazing realizations on this course, and the tools make it feel so much more gentle and easy than the other courses I have done.

I have confronted quite a few of my demons this week, only to find that they were phantoms with no more reality than I had given them.

Things are often very different (and much more pleasant) than you might imagine, if you just look.

As amazing as it has been, I think I'm going to see my gains much more clearly when I get home.

Chris LeMaire

I've owned some big creations that I've done to others. I've seen patterns-over and over under different conflicts. I'm still integrating and feel grateful. I had decided a while ago that this is a gift to everyone who I bore a grudge against. By the end of the year I wanted PEACE in all my relationships.

Then came Pro Course-surprise! I was able to take each of these grudges through the list to experience responsibility, remorse, and healing.
Peace has begun.
Thank you.

Dear Harry,

I am blown away by the incredible results people get on intensifying attention. I love the moment when they / I say something and there's this moment of (well it takes different forms) and the "pop" we get. We are source of these huge life creations.

Thank you for the opportunity to empower others with these incredible tools, and also for creating a course where we learn to feel and to create gratitude, awe and amazement and then carry these gifts forward into the world.

Much love,
Suzanne Zammit