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This is my first Pro Course. It's been amazing! At first I thought the present with others and other beginning exercises are mild. Yet, toward the end of the course, I realized how powerful these exercises are! I could feel a lot more and was able to upgrade my serious drill in a relaxed state. I never thought I could be this in feel, since I had been a person who suppressed everything that I feel and say. Now, I've transformed into a person who can be myself and still be in feel.
Thanks Harry!
This is amazing.

Allison Chang

Dear Harry,

Thank you for your determination and perseverance on creating an EPC. I'm so glad you didn't give up, drop out and go live on some beach in Costa Rica. I've had such a great experience doing the Pro tools. The Rat list unlocked memories I had long forgotten. Also I took your suggestion on creating the primary "I have no expectations", which helped me move a mountain. Thanks for sticking to your intuition and creating this sangha.
You are amazing!

Vince Leone

This was a great course. Though I couldn't make it out until Tuesday night, I still feel I got a lot out of this course. I can see why people were telling me this would be an excellent course for me- I am a composer / songwriter just starting out, so networking is paramount. I'm very excited to get back and start using what I've gained here to further my successes!

I especially loved the Rat List-it helped me in such a way that I couldn't have imagined. I truly didn't understand my resistances until this course, but I've been able to context all my beliefs, thus better understanding them.
I feel great!

J.L. - USA

All of my previous Avatar Courses have been excellent, but during the Pro Course, I am beginning to see a 'coming together' of it all. I am able to see how I sabotage myself and my goals - and now I know how to handle them.

Polly Black