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I have been studying the Avatar materials for 12 years. Still, every course, I am amazed at the depth of the tools.

A. M.-Japan

Dear Harry,
With all my heart I thank you and all the people that are here.

In this course I found who I really am. I am so happy to realize the meaning of "present with others" and to create gratitude. It is amazing, wonderful, interesting and beautiful.

I hope everybody in the world learns about Avatar and can share this moment together.

L. S.-Korea

Hi Harry,

I have no idea if this will reach you, but I'm so overflowing that I can not not thank you...
Pro has been an amazing experience...I didn't fully realize the power of appreciating what is...this opens the door to so much more. awareness has exponentially expanded...I feel so much more connected to all of my creations...and what happens as a result...which produces more gratitude, which returns back and fills me to overflowing go out again. I am experiencing the outflow, connecting with people who are ready for the awakening of Avatar...people who really care about precious humanity and are willing to accept the responsibility....these people are people that have been in my everday life...I just wasn't aware....and they're popping up all over....
I am so grateful for the tools I have learned with Avatar to clean up my stuff, and so that I am free to be me. It's really not about me. That's funny, isn't it?
With a huge grateful heart, I join you in creating an EPC!


Dear Harry and Avra,

As time passes, it is such a gift to be able to realize and be able to keep raising the bar on what gratitude feels like more and more for the pure beautiful space of your definition of love that you hold for all of us and for humanity.....I could feel love as a sea all around each of us everywhere on the planet during this last Integrity course....

Life feels beyond amazing now.....Since this last Professional Course, I now experience myself, life, and others from a peaceful, sustainable appreciative space, which is new for me.....

During this last integrity, I owned how I have been "faking Feel-Its" for years.....Now that I finally feel feel-its in my consciousness and the experience of being able to deliberately observe my mind, I feel more "rock-solid" about offering Avatar to people than ever!! Also, I integrated my negative/sad sack identity, so I don't feel "fake" anymore when I feel happy and successful!! Another identity that exists no-more, thanks to creating the primary, "As a model for my children, I live my life in service to others and align my life with delivering Avatar." is my former, empty "spiritual" identity~It was so absolutely devoid of any service to others~what struck me at such a core level was how absolutely empty and for show it was-oye!....Now I show up....Also, my children are AMAZING!!! They are doing so well, and my oldest daughter, Jocelyn, is like a different person!!

Continuous heart & soul-felt gratitude for the gift of Avatar, you and the Sangha in life.....I am amazed and grateful beyond anything words can convey that you both have never given up on any of us. You live and exemplify love. My gratitude to you is off the scale...

With Love & Gratitude to Finally Feel What Service to Others Is,
Your Companion, Kathy