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My mother died recently. The four years that I have been doing Avatar made all the difference in my ability to support, accept and love her. I am so grateful that she lived to be 90 years-old, so that we could come to a more peaceful place with one another. All the tools helped me to create this, but the Persistent Mass Handling and Surrender All Judgment exercises were radically transforming.

I do not have words to adequately express my gratitude. Now, I have come to The Avatar Professional Course and released the trauma of her death and envisioned a path to my next steps. My heart is open and my primaries are in place.

J. C. - New Mexico
The Professional Course has been amazing. When I first arrived, I felt insecure about what the course would bring, but by half way through the first day, I felt amazing.
Being in real contact with people is something that I now always want to feel. It is so pure and caring, it's just amazing!

The exercises are so pure and I feel so clear. Things that I made into big issues are, thanks to the exercises, very easy to grasp, and I have never laughed so loud about these things. It makes everything easier.

The Rat List exercise was something. I didn't feel like doing it, but when I finally got through the resistance, it was just wonderful and amazing.

I feel so inspired to move forward, on this great path and let others feel the gift that they can give themselves.

I. K. - The Netherlands
For the first time, I don't feel there are any problems that can't be overcome. From the Rat List exercise, I have the feeling that conflicts and struggles can be transformed into love and acceptance.

I see the bigger vision now, for a better world and I am creating that now. Your work has helped me to see this. I also had an experience with seeing that death is not necessary to worry about. That fear is just a state of consciousness that can be discreated.

Thank You.

W. B. -  Oregon
Thank You Harry! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to such a pure cause. This is my first Professional Course, and it is priceless. It Rocks!

I recently, at this course, GOT IT! I now take accountability for my creations! I own my life. Yay!

There are no coincidences. I have seen proof of shared consciousness many times over. Thank you for providing me with a life alarm clock. Thank you for the wake up call. See you at The Wizard Course.

G. A. - Washington