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As ever, words can simply not convey what this course is. It is defining the indefinable. It's like trying to catch a cloud...a mystery. A beautiful mystery.
I have found a part of me. I never knew she existed. She is incredible. I am extremely grateful to her and all around me. We are lucky...we are true...WE ARE REAL...WOW! Avatars, this course is waiting for you!

I am so much clearer. I am also so much more aware of myself and my actions. I can do something in an identity and then step back and honestly notice it and take the time to do something about it. This course has been a magic gift to myself.

Michael - USA
Before, I felt that the airplane that was my life was taking off down the runway and I was running behind yelling "Hey, wait! I'm not on board yet!" Now, after the Pro Course, I feel that I am the pilot and in charge of the controls, guiding my life from the cockpit.

Barbara - USA
The Pro Course was a wonderful opportunity to explore my own reality with amazing honesty and ease. The pressure I'd put on myself for years lifted. As the space cleared, I found I had free attention to be deliberate with my life and my selves. All things are possible.

Karen- USA