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This course is pure magic, an effortless journey through the realms of identity to pure beingness.

Rand - USA
This course is a valuable missing piece. I have felt like I was standing in front of a closed door. I could not find the keys to unlock it. At the Professional Course I found the door is not locked. It never was. And now, it will never be closed again. My advise is to do Pro and open the door. Worlds await behind it.

Peter - USA
All the Star's Edge courses have produced amazing expansion, but Pro has been the most profound. I've spent a lifetime self-conscious. When asked a question, my attention collapsed inward searching for the "right" answer. And the answer is so simple, so natural when one is PRESENT WITH THE OTHER. I am just purely and profoundly amazed, appreciative and grateful.

Janice - USA
I am in awe and amazement of the process of intensifying attention. So powerful. Thank you, Harry. I feel I have regained a piece of my life, my life force, my childhood. I am feeling on a new level that perhaps has been shutdown since childhood. All my senses are heightened. The world looks and feels different. I am feeling fully again, deeply with the awe of a child. As I feel again tears and laughter wash through me and at the deepest core the feeling is gratitude.

Ellen - USA
The course materials seemed wonderfully magic in that the expected results were produced with ease, with no seeming effort on my part. I could trust the process. But what was even more outstanding was that I always seemed to end up with the right person who mirrored where I was at in the moment. And what was revealed to me in the interactions was exactly what I had asked for before coming to the course. I got my money's worth each day of the course - up until the last moment. It was as if the space itself was generously taking care of me; making sure that I got exactly what I came for - and more - even beyond my wildest imagination. As if the course had been designed for my own personal growth. How did Star's Edge do that? I am left with gratitude and awe.

Kathy - USA