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I am in an entirely different space. I feel like I and everyone in the course shifted, if not into the next dimension, surely into it's antechamber.

Sarah - USA
I did not have a clear intention going into this course. I was told over and over that "this is the fun course". It was....mostly. It's funny though I feel like I've done the most shedding. More real, more real and still more real. Layers just fell away. What emerged is present, clear, connected and soooooo grateful.

Marg - USA
I came to this course with a knowing that my life was about to change. I had no idea by how much. Prior to this course, my life was experienced as one resisted identity after another. It looks so much different now. I am becoming more real.

Laurence - USA
I kept hearing from various Masters that the Pro Course was their favorite. I had the strong feeling that it was going to be the "final piece" in my personal puzzle. The second day I had an enormous breakthrough that made the whole trip worthwhile. The third day, another - and another - and yet another. The final day...and I have "blown off" what was probably the biggest issue in this lifetime.
I am in total awe and appreciation of all of the courses - each one I do helps me recover more of ME.
"Thank you" feels so inadequate for the gift of these tools. And of course, passing them on is the best way to say thank you, anyway.

Lois - USA