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It's a miracle. I mean, having done the Avatar and the Master course and even my first intern, I thought I had already learned a lot in a very short while. But, I mean, I've only been here, like, two and a half days and it feels like, I mean it's always this feeling it's like, two and half months
or a year or something. But really, on the first half of day one I learned so much. I was just blown away. It's incredible. And the beautiful thing about Pro Course is, that it's so light and it's so playful and in a playful way, yet it's so effective. It's incredible.

Claudia Dalchow- Germany- 2008


This has been the most amazing out of all of the things that I've experienced. It's been the most subtle. But there is nothing subtle about my journey here in the last week, but the flow of it is much more subtle. I found this thread and I started pulling, and pulling and pulling and this whole week it was like. . . whoa! And learning through that thread all of the things that caused me to close these gates and you know, and to rethink. . . Do I really want these closed? Do I really,'s's like what Harry was saying in the video... well, the good thing is that you don't have to keep living that, you know. It's like, been there, done that. . . good. Made a nice tapestry, but now, It's like I'm free to... I'm free to align with source.

Radhia Gleis - USA - 2008


Well, I came to this course with an intention to be more authentic in my relationships and to clear some issues that I'd been having and, I feel like I've got that the first day. In the very first day I felt like I got my money's worth and then each day afterward it just deepened and deepened the understanding of those issues and each day revealed more tools to deal with that. And then I felt like that here on this last day, I got that last piece, the last piece in the puzzle that I needed to really be able to clear those kind of issues and to be able to connect at a really more authentic level with people in my life. I am just so grateful I don't have to take that stuff that I came with home with me.

Sherry Berry- USA- 2008


Well, you know Pro course. . .it's that wonderful course where you get to handle all those little things that are just sitting there in your space. All those feelings that just sit below the surface or those behaviors that you've got that are just sort of operate on automatic. And there's these wonderful tools here where you can actually explore them and work right back to the roots and just get rid of them. And the thing that I've found is that the importance of this work, especially when interning, or trying to inspire somebody is free attention, to be able to be really present with somebody and just hold the space. And when those things are operating, it's difficult to do that and I found myself coaching while I was working hard to be present. It wasn't easeful, but when I come to Pro course I've got tools where I can really handle those things and all of a sudden I'm available and I'm relaxed and I can be present for as long as I'm needed to be present and that's really cool.

John Toomey - Australia - 2008