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I felt our relationship grow and my husband reviewed the course and then did Masters and now is here at Pro and is going to be at Wizards and we’re working together here and the communication, and it’s just really nice. It just feels like there’s possibilities everywhere.

And then when I see my friends or family who are having difficulties it feels like I have that to share and to go... Wow, you know, look at the possibilities just... I don’t think anymore will I ever accept somebody saying that’s just the way it is. You know, I know it can change.

Joann Woods- USA- 2008

I used to say I liked people... but I realized I spent a lot of time avoiding them, pretending like I liked them when really I was judging them. And after the course I found out I actually LOVE people and I like to connect with them. So my life has changed because I'm not hiding anymore. I'm actually getting out.

Dale Sims- USA- 2008

I actually imagined that it would be awesome. And it's ended up being, there's no word to describe even more than awesome.

I'm absolutely able to commit to the path that I'm on now and I can see a future that is just going to get better daily. As long as I use the tools that have been gifted to me I am going to fly through the rest of my life! Just watch out.

Helen Singles-New Zealand- 2008

The Pro Course is about resistance. Bring it here and we'll help you let go of it.
Bring it on, everything you can resist. It's here to let go.

Ava Rokop- USA- 2008