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Dear Harry,

I just had a great course in Orlando. Thank you for this.

I came across something that seems to be very common. A belief that this life (incarnation or whatever it feels like to the person) is not mine. Being alive against one's will.

A resistance to embrace the experience. It caused me to not want to take responsibility for it and feel like a victim.

During the off hours of the course i had a chance to work with fellow masters and they had this too. Rats such as: this life is not mine, I'm a failure, I can't do it, There's nothing I can do; pointed all in this direction.

Perhaps you know this already. But I didn't want to take it for granted and miss an opportunity to make it easier for the fellow Avatars.

I have a sense of awe for what we have accomplished already and this inspires me for the work we have ahead.

Thanks again from the heart for what you have begun.

See you in the stars!


Hi Shona and Jude,

I'd just like to share with you the amazing trip we had back to Australia.
There was about 12 of us on the planes, and there wasn't one of us that hadn't
connected with someone about Avatar, by the end of the trip.
In the flight to LA, I sat next to this amazing man, who was curious and had
no resistance, and I think by the time we took off, I was doing an intro with
him! He wants to stay connected about it and wants his sister to look at it as
well! Boy, was I buzzing. The crew was so friendly and by the time we hit
Florida, they thanked over the PA the Avatar group, and a lot of people were
clapping! People could just feel there was something magical.

Then on the flight to Sydney I sat next to a farmer from NSW, and he kept
asking me all sorts of questions about Avatar. He watched the dvd and he wants
to buy the books.

Both men very different, unique. and I felt so little resistance in my space,
it was a real joy.
I realised actually, that it was the space that I held, that allowed these
people to explore, and feel their way through it. And I realised that you have
always held the space for me, to allow me to feel where I could go next,
without any direction, anything put n my space. I am grateful for that, thank

This Pro has been an amazing experience for me, beyond my expectations.

lots of love,

My name is Emma Pegler. I have just returned from the pro course in Orlando. Harry, I would like to tell you just how grateful I am that I have attended these courses and how grateful I am that you pulled together the strands of thought on consciousness, higher self and living in the now into a practical set of tools. I won't pretend that I'm there yet and I'm not leaping from the roof screaming that I am enlightened. It's just the beginning for me to understand how to live deliberately and to take the pain out of my life when things seem not to go how I intended. The pro course showed me how I have resisted life at times and how resistance produces pain. It was like being hit with a plank. Suddenly the question marks fell away. It was a tough week in so many ways but there was so much love in that room, so many people there to support me that I do actually feel there is hope for humanity. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

thank you


It's amazing. There's been some really good challenges and pieces for me to integrate like... Wow! Like some aspects of my life that I've been resisting and having difficulty with for years and I'm able to really connect with my son just in such an indescribable way, whether I'm with him or not and he can feel my love and appreciation so strongly and we just share in such a beautiful way.

Jesse Black Garcia- USA- 2008