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Dear Harry,

In Daily life I felt I was a real peoples person. Friendly, sociable, good at conversation; but I felt like something was missing and I needed to find out what it was. I decided to go to the Professional Course because I was drawn to the expected results. Yeah! I thought I want some of that!

Well, Pro Course met and exceeded my expectations! I was able to connect with people on a whole new level. I felt comfortable, at ease and so appreciative to be in the presence of others. I had so many realizations, exhilaration and good old-fashioned fun. Let me tell you there ain't no party like a Pro Course party! Everybody in the house say "Yeah!"

Tracy Ahitan- USA

Dear Harry and Avra,

It's nearly time for the Professional Course again and I have been revisiting some of the exercises. I have only put my attention on one or two of them but the results from doing that have filled my heart with reverence and gratitude for the opportunity of being part of such an amazing awakening on the planet. Thank you, thank you for your gifts to us all. with love,

Judy Grayson- New Zealand


Thank you for this wonderful and precious gift- The Professional Course. Thank you for the morning program- such an awesome experience! No holiday I have ever taken can compare with the joy, relaxation, improvement of health ( and beauty!), the feeling of awe and gratitude, feeling of connection with others and learning about self and others that I have experienced here.

I don't need two weeks at the beach. I'd much rather be at The Pro Course! The same goes for Wizards of course! Thank you so much for the Avatar materials, the courses, the network and the wording of the task we have! Doing Avatar is like coming home.

Kerstin Grop-Strant- USA


Dear Harry,

This has been such an amazing week! On the first day of the Professional Course we learned how to be present with others. It felt like my eyes had been opened for the first time.  I was so shocked how easy it was to be present once I learned how. I had to check with a Trainer to make sure I hadn't taken any shortcuts! 25 years of struggling being present just vanished in one afternoon. Then to be given the rest of the week to integrate this during the rest of the course has been awesome.

I feel so energized by this exercise alone, I almost cannot wait for what is to come next in my life! And then the rest of these exercises. WOW!

I realize more than ever what a gift Avatar is and I am so thankful to you for creating it. Doing the courses is so much fun, but the real work for me I know, is when I get home. To be present with people, to be an inspiration to them so they can feel me and be moved to take their first step on the Avatar Path.

I will think of you...and the work you put in to put Avatar on the map, if I ever get discouraged. Thank you once again!

Neil Harnett- USA