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Dear Harry,

The greatest Gift I take home from the Professional Course is the exercise "Rat list". To experience emotionally what I do to others almost tore me apart! Now I can feel others again. I thank you so much!

Kerstin Brachaus- Willingen, Germany


I am so full of gratitude for the experience I have had. Until now Avatar is the best thing that could happen to me!

In gratitude and love,

Renate Brzek- Willingen, Germany


I expected a lot of this Professional Course after the Master Course. I feel satisfied more than I expected.

I came here with a goal of  more connection and I found I could communicate with Swedish, Dutch, Belgium, Italian and German friends very naturally. I feel we are not seperated from each other. When I followed the course I felt like I overcame one big barrier. Wow! Such a surprising course!

I have never known for 24 years that I can connect with others with my eyes. I want to review every Pro Course!!


Lee Dae Ro- Willingen, Germany

Dear Harry,

My journey during this Professional Course has been ground breaking and I am growing so much with the material. Thank you! I feel so lucky to have shared this experience with so many different Masters.

My awareness of the beauty in people has expanded and I realized that creativity lies in the front. Outside of us; beauty is in the diversity, people and the movement. And I have realized that creativity comes from ouside of us and not from inside of us. Just being aware. Ha!

Thank you Harry and thanks to all the trainers for their never ending care. Now I also am primary in service to others.


Yuliati- Willingen, Germany