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Dear Harry,

Working with attention exercises brought me so much in the last few days. Seeing patterns that were hidden for so long. Me trying desperately to hide my insecurity, dishonesty, always starting with the escape route in the mind and the engine almost running.

I feel much stronger now, much more connected to people. A great group of people here. I have had warm connections, tears, hugs and laughter. Life is great! Thank you for the wonderful material. It truly gave me my life back over the last few years. Love and a hug,

Mark Maarsma- Willingen, Germany

Hello Harry,

I don't know if you remember me. It has been a while. I am a new student here on the Professional Course. I feel that the Professional Course is the most fun course ever. The connection with others is so good here. The exercises are so cool. It is my favorite course.

I had the most fabulous insights in doing the table work. I thought it would be easy but , surprisingly, it was the most difficult exercise ever! I realized when I talk with others my attention is not on them but on my own thoughts. This was really a revelation. Since I thought I had pretty good connection with other people it was surprising to know that actually my attention was not on the other, but only on my own thoughts. The tension I had when talking to others has been resolved. What a great tool this is!When I put my attention fully on the other, I feel connected and the conversation is really enjoyable. This tool of connection will be the best friend of my life!

I am really happy about what I learned here. This course is the most fun course ever! Thank you , Harry. And thanks to the translaters too!

Lee seok Hee (17 year old)- Willingen, Germany

Just "indescribable". I do not have any expression I can use to explain about this course. After a few rounds working with other Masters on the "Rat List", taking turns, all four of us became speechless and in awe! I think I myself am getting "disappeared" and becoming more and more one with the universe. A part of now I am like an invisible man.

It was amazingly, incredibly awesome! Thank you Harry more than a million times!

H.J.O.-Willingen, Germany


In the Professional Course, I found myself. I am so happy about it!

When I did Avatar I had a hard time because of resistances. Frustration and agony. But after handling the resistances with the tools, I realized I am source and the world is a reflection of me. So I registered for the Wizards Course to create a better consciousness. I will maintain this beautiful consciousness to have all of my family go to Wizards and to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization!

D.H.K.- Germany