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Dear Harry,

I became an Avatar in 1995, a Master in 1996 and a Wizard in 2005. Today, here at the Professional Course, when I finished a " Rat List" around being a manipulator I had a magnificent experience. When I finished discreating that I felt an amazing gratitude to the network, you and Avra, Tonny, Pieta and the other Trainers, Masters and Avatars. WOW!!

It was so unexpected and a surprise to me, but it also showed me the value of your gift to the network and the world (and me!). It also showed me that my decision to be a full time Avatar Master is the right choice for me to contribute to an Enlightened Plantary Civilization.

Thank you ( and Avra),

Peter Waalkens- Willingen, Germany

The Professional Course is an incredible and wonderful and precious experience! You get a sense of connection, of belonging, of love and support. It is my primary to take this feeling with me and spread it in my daily life. What a precious gift! Thank you all so much for creating the framework for us to create this amazing experience!!

Kerstin Gross- Strant- Willingen, Germany

This course I feel much more secure in my own self and much more connected to the people around me. There is more stillness, quietness and a very centered feeling. I feel myself as creator and not victim. I trust in my intuition.

U. G. - Willingen, Germany

During the last two days of the course I had some insights and realizations of patterns in my life, identities and judgements I had been using in many areas of my life that had been salf- sabotaging and hurting/effecting others. I cleared up so much and freed up so much attention in these past two days I feel like I have been given a fresh start at life and the tools to be good and successful at all that I do! Thank you!


Cindy Geva- Willingen, Germany