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This has been a marvelous week again. I feel now I am part of a team and discovered that inclusion is something you choose for, not something someone else gives to you. Inclusion 'only' needs alignment with that which you want to be included in. So it starts with surrender into the domain and surrendering to instruction and then my unique qualities can be part of the domain and I feel empowered by the domain. It's magic, it's simple, it's great! Thank you,

Ruud van Middelaar- The Netherlands

I had such an awesome time at the Professional Course. From the first day of using the simple exercise of intensifying attention, the free attention started to flow. I looked at so many situations in my life and each one seemed to dissolve and integrate in front of me.

Harry, I do feel gratitude and I am Amazed.Thank you , love,

Joanie Kirk- USA

Dear Harry

As I really want to say thank you and share what I found out on a professional course with you,
I wrote this mail!

I came back to Japan from Professional course yesterday.

I just took course for two days and three hours.
Even I had short time in there, had unbelievably precious great experiences.

How great that touching connection with others which delivered warmness and appreciation to me.

How relief that releasing myself from self-protection.?by Rat list?

How easy and clear that being pure and existence as a true source.
And I surely felt there is truly pure source inside of me. And that is awaked now!

I feel so lucky and happy that I could reach Avatar .
I sincerely thank you and your creation.

Sorry of my poor English. I hope you can understand what I want to tell.
If not, please Feel it's!!

Take care!! And I'm looking forward to seeing you on Wizard course.

Lot's of love xxx

Feom Miwa Hayashi
Osaka, Japan

Now I can understand how to connect people deeply and deliberately. I feel powerful. It is wonderful, all the Sangha, the Trainers and the support from the Qualified Masters. A very enjoyable program! I will enoy life deliberately. Thank you Harry!

Yuki Sugitani- Nagoya, Japan