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By creating the primaries "I am amazed and I feel gratitude" I realized how easy it was to shift my viewpoint and perspective of the world. I also realized that this could apply to many of the creations I currently have in my live as well. I realized that many of the viewpoints and perspectives that I was viewing my creations from were not helpful and no doubt were not allowing these creations to progress, evolve, more forward etc.

But rather than remaining stagnant and stuck I recognize that I can easily change my perspectives of my creations and that this will allow for personal growth and progress, etc.

Julie Richardson

The Pro Course is simply amazing. It is so simple and it is so amazing. The exercises help you to willingly let go of limiting behavior. The Pro course lovingly supports you to be more considerate and compassionate of others...

As an example, after using the tools to be less self-conscious, a gentleman who asked about Avatar with genuine curiosity approached me. I was able to answer with quiet confidence. I can honestly say that I have never felt such a state of being incredibly relaxed yet so totally focused at the same time.

With much love and appreciation to Harry, Avra, the Trainers and all who take the Avatar path.

Sandra Tagliapietra

Avatar Tools, learned and practiced in the Avatar, the Master and now the Professional Course have been instrumental in helping me to shed layer after layer of primitive and conditioned responses. This has been an extraordinary experience - has introduced me to profound states of clarity and pure awareness. These are the best tools I have discovered in many years of searching.

Mia Salavery

The Professional Course has taught me, and given me, an experiential clarity that being real can be effortless.

The more accepting and compassionate I am with others and myself the more I feel the self imposed identities and limiting creations melt away.

Thank you Harry, I have been searching for this for so long who knew it could be so easy?

Justyne Richardson