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This was the most amazing course that I have done in Avatar for really freeing up attention. I worked on long held emotions and attitudes that were cleared.
So now I am free to do the work I want to do in helping to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Sandra Clough
An enlightening experience! I finally started to understand many things I hadn't understood in prior courses and was able to deal with major personal issues so that I feel at ease with other people now and ready to spread AVATAR.

Britta Roseau

I am experiencing and increasing quick amazement every hour this week. Working thru resistances has been sweet and sometimes bittersweet and more than once tearful. But, by the time I got to the Rat List, I was ready to play. Some of the "game" was tough but worth it.

Big realization today while intensifying attention: Bottom line: Why "settle" for less? My coach changed my Avatar name badge to "Why settle" name. I am wearing that proudly.

Norma Freeman

With intensifying attention, I let go of a lot of stress that I had accumulated over the summer in Greece. After the session with B, I felt light; arteries unclogged, breathed better, felt young and free of the burdens of my life.

Thank you Harry. I love you.

Tina Stoombos