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Dear Harry!!

When I met you in Kyoto nine years ago, I felt "everything is OK". Thank you. Your primary makes EPC with us. Someday please come to Hiroshima.


This Pro course has to be one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. One of my deepest creations, and one that has impacted my life for decade has finally lifted, and I am able to accept and integrate it.

Alex February

In this course I have seen without a doubt that connection from heart to heart is more powerful than words, and in fact, words are not necessary for the meaning and impact to be felt. I also came to the course very discouraged about my partner's negative judgment of Avatar, and his idea that we are growing further apart idealogically because of it, and perhaps we should break up. During the course I discovered the real source of my own discouragement, and decided that I would not give up on him. Getting what I want from him is second in importance to supporting him with compassion, so that his gift can be felt in the world as well. I now realize I am not evolving away from my loved ones. I am evolving for them. Thank you, Harry, Avra, Star's Edge, and everyone.

Beverly Garland- Austin, Texas, USA

Dear Harry,

This week has been very interesting. I've learned to relax and to take responsibility for an anxiety, panic, "rush around" creation that I adopted in a moment when I was less than rational. I could really feel how I was keeping all these old pains and actually recreating them over and over again to not take responsibility. So, I just kept running and running hoping that nothing would catch up with me. No wonder I have been feeling so stressed!

Thank you for your love!

I also really want to thank you for your amazing talk at last year's Pro Course "Managing Change". I used this DVD, source lists and inside/outside feel-it's to dig myself out of a deep depression this past summer. It was such an empowering experience to take control of my life with these tools. I came out shinning and so much more grateful for each precious moment. That talk in particular, touched me at the deepest part of my being. Thank you so much! It was and is truly beautiful.

Carissa Hill