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In the Professional Course, I found myself. I am so happy about it!

When I did Avatar I had a hard time because of resistances. Frustration and agony. But after handling the resistances with the tools, I realized I am source and the world is a reflection of me. So I registered for the Wizards Course to create a better consciousness. I will maintain this beautiful consciousness to have all of my family go to Wizards and to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization!

D.H.K.- Germany

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the great Professional Course. I go further and further with all the tools. I feel more free, connected and I can now laugh much more over my identities. The "Rat List" exercise was very helpful and I have no more resistance against this tool. Thanks for all. For all the people around me, so much friendship and happiness!

With much love,

Ruth Stuetzel- Willingen- Germany

Dear Harry,

The greatest Gift I take home from the Professional Course is the exercise "Rat list". To experience emotionally what I do to others almost tore me apart! Now I can feel others again. I thank you so much!

Kerstin Brachaus- Willingen, Germany


I am so full of gratitude for the experience I have had. Until now Avatar is the best thing that could happen to me!

In gratitude and love,

Renate Brzek- Willingen, Germany


I expected a lot of this Professional Course after the Master Course. I feel satisfied more than I expected.

I came here with a goal of  more connection and I found I could communicate with Swedish, Dutch, Belgium, Italian and German friends very naturally. I feel we are not seperated from each other. When I followed the course I felt like I overcame one big barrier. Wow! Such a surprising course!

I have never known for 24 years that I can connect with others with my eyes. I want to review every Pro Course!!


Lee Dae Ro- Willingen, Germany