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Dear Harry,

I shine like a June bug. I did the forgiveness option mini-course and I am now a totally feeling being. Wow!
I am connected to you and your team in deep gratitude.
In love,

Gerda Egli

Dear Harry,

The mini-course forgiveness-option was a wonderful experience for me!
It felt like it was really written for me!

Especially the row 4 from exercise two:
My answers amazed me, because in my case in all my answers appeared the word 'sooner'.
"I had sooner to..."

What that insight means for me, is that I apparently packed my unpleasant feelings to the next day, next week or even worse next year.
With this mini-course I realize that I have to take action right-a-away when it comes to unpleasant or bad situations and not wait until tomorrow, next week or next year.

Wonderful! I bought the whole mini-course book. (Seven Pillars)

Many greetings from the Netherlands,
Michael von der Heijden

Harry, I had a fantastic day with my Mini Course, Basic Will. I especially found the release of worries very freeing. My primaries just flowed once I experienced turning some worries on and off. Much Gratitude.

L.S.- Australia- 2008

My success is in finding Avatar which has given me hope for what I have always imagined of the human race. I have learned that I believe I can't read and comprehend. I Thank You, so, I can now put my attention on it. The Attention Mini-Course has given me my life, where it was about to end. Thank You.

Andrea Kilburn- New Zealand-2008