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Dear Harry,

I have been working on the Will Mini-Course a lot this week with students and two Masters, George and Dick. I have been brought to my knees so many times with exercise #3- turn it on and off. I have been working with students on creations that seemed to big and out of their control at first and, by the end of the exercise, they felt so empowered and like they could handle any creation.

Thank you so much for your Love and Care!

Belinda Hoole- USA- 2009


I found myself struggling to get through the mini courses I felt would help me further handle some issues in my life. I felt like I was stuck in a bog, and became more tired and unable to focus over a period of several days. I realized that I was stuck in seriousness (resisting experiencing and feeling) created by thought patterns, and that I could sit in it or get out of it. I saw and felt how being serious in my life has created the same situations of not being able to move, decide, think clearly, or complete simple tasks. I decided to give up seriousness because I have a choice in how to use my mind. I can discipline my will and attention to create what I want and to stay out of the danger zones in my mind. I am much happier being myself at source and not being at the effect of my thought patterns. Thank you for giving us the tools to be "out of our minds".

Tracy Robert- USA- 2009

During the training it surfaced that I felt myself rejected, humiliated and with no perseverance. These feelings we have explored, discovered, named and integrated with mini course 5, The Forgiveness Option.
The pointers that I came up with were from my youth and the life that followed. After naming the people who did this to me, and the consequences, I did step 4 with Mark.
Already with the first situation, it became clear that if I would have had only some more self confidence, my life would have gone differently. Now that I experience this- the veil that was covering my life is gone.
Now I have the feeling that I can handle everything, have self confidence and " I am happy to be me".
From this moment on my new life starts.
The new Hans with self confidence and intensely happy.

Han van Rijssen

Dear Harry, Nov 28th 2008


I have had the most incredible month on the November International Avatar Course. I wanted to share some moments of gratitude....aka evidence of an enlightened planetary civilization............

I arrived in Lake Mary, October 27 to begin set up of the administration room and the library....3 other AI's joined in to make the setup the easiest ever........done by 6pm (used to take till 9pm)

The next day 8 AI's and JrAI's worked from 9-5 or 6 to complete set up of course materials, intro materials, field trip materials, etc. (In the past this has taken at least twice the hours and went well into the next few evenings).

The course exceeded my expectations, the work we did with Avra, finding our hidden agenda' and hidden-hidden agendas was worth its weight (And let me tell you, it was heavy) in gold for the amount of free attention I created in the owning of it.

With that free attention, I spent the next 20 days from the 10th until today in absolute untethered service, worked with students on the extended course, which is still we speak there is an initiation in the bedroom of Darla and my travel trailer with a young man with an intention to be at tomorrow's Master course. We have completed 3 students, all 3 coming to masters, did a ReSurfacing, 2 intro's, outflowed many journals and conversations.

We took the travel trailer up to Gainesville, and did Masters Inspiration with one person, an intro with another. We drove to Homosassa, stayed in a great RV campground (to which we will return for some kayaking in the area), did a forgiveness option with a man in his late 60's -70's who later that day decided to come to Masters. (Felt like some swami - "ubetchananda!" in an RV).

Returned to Orlando to continue with outflow, inspiration, whatever was needed, even did a ReSurfacing with a woman who had a shot at Masters.
Worked with a man while he exaggerated his craving for opiates that he stopped weeks ago, worked with a man who had blamed women for his troubles through 2 marriages and blamed his son for not being there for him, after the forgiveness option, he said I am a mess and have caused a lot of pain, you bet I will be at Masters.

I felt the courage of the human condition rising out of its numbness to be alive, to feel vitality, to laugh whole-heartedly. I felt the QM's, Kathy, and Avra, their attention so strongly on the primary. I felt myself ride their wave of inspiration and keep going. I felt their love support and appreciation for each being and the efforts being made to get to this point. What a journey to be part of.

Thank you for the opportunity to witness such courage and appreciation.

Joanie Kirk

Ps In the midst of it all, Darla and I still managed to chop wood and carry water, walk the dogs, do the laundry, cook great meals, enjoy our time together. Many nights we would marvel in awe of the creation of our primary to deliver full time while traveling in an RV, seeing this country. WE'RE DOING IT!