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I have spent some time away from the Avatar Network over the last couple of years. Even though I have continued to use the tools during that time, my master contacted me a couple of days ago to invite me to the course for as long as I needed to. I felt a lot of relief in my body at the time I spoke with her. I spent 1 1/2 days completing the Attention, Belief Management, and Personal Integrity mimi courses. It felt good to be in the he space again after dropping initial resistances. I had a great result with Releasing Fixed Attention and Transparent Beliefs. So many things clicked into place. Generally, my life since Avatar has gone to another level. Now it is time to create some new primaries so that I can have some new and exciting experiences of life, including more Avatar. I am planning for the Course (or Masters) in Germany in 2010. That would be awesome.

Kristine Carins

Dear Harry,

Once again I am blown away with the power of the Forgiveness Option and I so appreciate having this mini-course you gave us. I just looked at a situation for the first time that has unlocked so much awareness of how I have been operating for the last 21 years. It was an incident I had only looked at briefly before but now this has opened it up for me to let it go.

In college my sorority didn't continue to meet our rush (membership) numbers that the national office had set for us. In my senior year our charter was revoked. I have been playing this out ( being put on probation, being kicked out) for years and I could never figure out quite why. Now it completely makes sense why and how I resisted the feeling of having something I love be revoked and how I continue to create that situation! I did this in the career I love and see how I continued to "test" to see if my "charter" would be revoked. I have continued to " rush " in my relationships with others, instead of inspiring them to their awakening. Wow I am so grateful to have the tools to dismantle this creation once and for all. I love this work and I am so grateful to have these tools and this Sangha. Love,


Dear Harry,

Today, while I was exploring the Forgiveness Option Mini-Course (during the first exercise) I had a great realization. When I am in some creation, I'm self sufficient and I make the whole game by myself. I project onto a lot "I's" the roles to play in my creation. I could see this clearly and could assume more responsibility and receptivity. I create it all! With love and gratitude!

Marlene Melo- Brazil

Hi Harry,

Just a brief note to say hello. Today I brought my friend to an Introductory Belief Management Mini-Course that totally transformed him! I see how important and crucial are the small and big efforts we make in the direction of elevating awareness in everyone (including myself) at all times! I feel so good for having found Avatar! Thank you,

Carlos Roche- USA

At first I discovered I could not easily help others and say or do what I wanted. A Master helped me find the resistances and beliefs that were connected to my Father, who was a Priest. I used the tools to change that feeling and it vanished. Now I am free to offer myself in service to others when I choose.

A few days later I have realized what a great experience an Initiation is. Thanks so much! I really don't find a lot of words now, but I know when I do my beloved work in Germany,when I dance with so many people, I will be a shining Avatar. I am certain there will be a lot of people who will go this way with us, become Avatar and we will work together for an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Hugs and kisses,

Aunegret Koning- Germany