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Dear Harry,

Today, while I was exploring the Forgiveness Option Mini-Course (during the first exercise) I had a great realization. When I am in some creation, I'm self sufficient and I make the whole game by myself. I project onto a lot "I's" the roles to play in my creation. I could see this clearly and could assume more responsibility and receptivity. I create it all! With love and gratitude!

Marlene Melo- Brazil

Hi Harry,

Just a brief note to say hello. Today I brought my friend to an Introductory Belief Management Mini-Course that totally transformed him! I see how important and crucial are the small and big efforts we make in the direction of elevating awareness in everyone (including myself) at all times! I feel so good for having found Avatar! Thank you,

Carlos Roche- USA

At first I discovered I could not easily help others and say or do what I wanted. A Master helped me find the resistances and beliefs that were connected to my Father, who was a Priest. I used the tools to change that feeling and it vanished. Now I am free to offer myself in service to others when I choose.

A few days later I have realized what a great experience an Initiation is. Thanks so much! I really don't find a lot of words now, but I know when I do my beloved work in Germany,when I dance with so many people, I will be a shining Avatar. I am certain there will be a lot of people who will go this way with us, become Avatar and we will work together for an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Hugs and kisses,

Aunegret Koning- Germany

Whoa. I've just finished the course and I feel! I am 17 years old and I realize I have my whole life ahead of me and I can do anything! In nine days here I've reached a place I wasn't even sure existed. I am happy to be me!

Azalea Gusterson- USA