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I am 59 yrs old and was on medication for A.D.D., depression and I was bi-polar. My first mini-course with the Transparent Belief exercise my life had a big change. I went sane! I felt like I could get off all my medication so, after consulting with my Doctor, I slowly reduced my medication to zero. I was happy and in control. I waited. Will I slip back into my old self? I waited some more and nothing. Still happy! I took another free mini-course and my life improved AGAIN! WOW! I've done many things to be well. Now I had a tool to stay happy and well. Next I took a ReSurfacing Course.

I got into Avatar because of my older Brother. I asked him after ReSurfacing "Can this get any better? I mean how happy is happy?" He said "Avatar doesn't disappoint." I am now finishng the Avatar Course and he is right. Avatar does not disappoint. My life will never be the same!! Thank you Harry. Be happy and well,


This morning I finished my Forgiveness Mini-Course which I started yesterday. I am so happy and feel free from a large burden in my past. I really feel free from inside. Some part was heavy this morning but at the same time I felt that the burden was disappearing. Very relieved and very beautiful that the atmosphere and the start of Section II of the full Avatar Course brought me into a situation where I could go and work on my huge problem.

Harry, I want to thank you for your help and the help I got from all the very kind, professional and also understanding people from Avatar, who were amazing to me and helped me. One new goal for me is now I want to see all people connected to me as I meet them as new. So I want also to see myself. Warm greetings,
Ton Kemperman

Dear Harry,

I have had the best time the past few days working with a lady on the mini-courses.She started out with lots of resistance to even being here. As she went through the Will and Attention Management mini-courses, I watched her become more Source. We did the Creating Definition mini-course yesterday. She loved it! She now wants to come back and do more. She took the This and That exercise and ran with it! She applied it to her back pain, her abortion and everything she could think of. I asked her what she was experiencing . She said " It's neutralizing everything." She kept going and you could feel her sense of empowerment. I sat in amazement at her and how easily and effectively these materials work for people! She now has hope of turning her life around when she had given up all hope.

Thank you for giving me the honor of being with people as they engage the materials. I wouldn't miss it! In Gratitude,

Nancy H. Young- USA

Dear Harry
Today I disentangled myself from victimhood I created as a child while doing the Forgiveness Mini Course- it is the most powerful way in the planet to forgive.
Ally Smerdon
Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
Dear Harry,
I am sitting at the mini-course table at the 2009 Caoundra Avatar Course in Australia.

I am in awe of my ability to have complete control of my mind after completing the Basic Will Mini-Course I took my self on the journey through the supermarket while doing the willful control exercise. Whilst there I had some beautiful connections with several people about Avatar. I feel they will be at an Avatar introduction evening very soon.

I flow endless gratitude to you for the amazing foundations of an EPC you have created. I walk boldly and bravely with you as we work towards awakening new source beings.
Ally Smerdon